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8-digit IDs: what you need to know now

Concordia is launching a new, university-wide Student Information System on January 26
January 5, 2015

All students need to use an eight-digit ID number from January 26 onwards.

Twenty-one days and counting! Your online environment is about to change: on January 26, Concordia is launching a new Student Information System (SIS) that supports virtually all student-related services, processes and business functions at the university.

The SIS requires an eight-digit student identification number — a change from the legacy system that used a seven-digit ID.

8-digit IDs: the essentials

Most new students received an eight-digit ID card from August 2014 onwards. The longer number begins with a “2” and is compatible with the new SIS.

Students joining Concordia this term — winter 2015 — also received an eight-digit card, beginning with a “2.” When the SIS goes live on January 26, you are good to go: use all eight digits when manual entry is required.

7-digit ID cards: add a ‘2,’ good as new

After the SIS goes live, students with seven-digit ID cards will need to add a “2” at the beginning of the sequence when they are prompted to key in their number.

The university is not issuing new ID cards for students with seven-digit ID cards. If you enrolled prior to August 2014, you will continue to use the existing card for the remainder of your studies at Concordia.

However, any replacement cards will feature the new eight-digit ID.

Find out more about eight-digit IDs at Concordia.

Important: how to pay your tuition before and after January 26

The deadline for winter term fee payment is January 31, 2015.

The legacy system will be shut down on Thursday, January 22 at 5 p.m. No online transactions will be possible during the blackout period until the new system is live at noon on Monday, January 26.

Paying your tuition before the shutdown deadline will help to avoid any potential delays.

Effective immediately, when paying online or at a financial institution, please use your full 8-digit ID. Students with a 7-digit card will have to add a “2” at the beginning of the sequence.Once the system is live on Monday, January 26, all 8-digits of the student ID will be required to perform all student-related transactions.

Updating your ID number at financial institutions

As of January 26, make sure your financial institution has your new ID number on file. For fall 2014 and winter 2015 students, that means all eight digits; students with older cards should add a “2” to the seven-digit sequence.

Everything you need to know about the new Student Information System

The new SIS features an improved self-service portal so students can manage their administrative tasks more effectively. It is intuitive and easy to navigate.

A series of how-to guides will be available on Concordia’s Student Hub early in January.

Find out more about Concordia’s new Student Information System.

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