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Undergrad Sebastian Randall-Coss Receives Shuffle 30 Award

August 25, 2020
By Department of Theological Studies


Sebastian Randall-Cross, undergraduate student in the Department of Theological Studies, received the 2019 Shuffle Award.

The Shuffle is Concordia's annual walkathon in which staff, faculty, retirees, students and alumni participate and raise funds for student support.

Read below to hear from Sebastian about how this award has shaped his academic journey. You can learn more about how you can support students like him in the department by visiting the fundraising page. And find more details about this year's virtual Shuffle 31.

"When I was notified that I would be the recipient of the Shuffle Award, I felt a sense of pride knowing that the Department of Theological Studies which I belonged to, cared so strongly about my well-being, both academically and personally. At the time, I was experiencing some unfavorable challenges in my life which nearly jeopardized my academic career. Fortunately the Shuffle Award not only helped relieve a significant portion of my tuition, but it also instilled in me a profound sense of gratitude which in turn fueled me with a desire to battle through the obstacles and not succumb to life’s tests and challenges. As the recipient of the Shuffle Award, I felt a sense of responsibility to continue striving for success. I embraced the support of the many donors and Concordia staff members, all of whom made the award possible. As a result, I was able to successfully complete my school year, even obtaining grades far better than expected, which to this day I credit largely to the inspiring nature of the Shuffle Award!"

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