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Why study Theology?

Discover the value of taking a theology course or pursuing a degree program in Theological Studies.

Dr. André Gagné, Chair of the Department of Theological Studies

Dr. André Gagné, Chair of the Department of Theological Studies

A message from the Chair of Theological Studies

The field of theology is a fascinating and interdisciplinary area of study that offers many compelling reasons to explore. It goes beyond faith and religious practice to delve into a range of subjects, including history, society, literature, art, health, politics, ecology, economics, philosophy, ethics, and even digital culture. Additionally, theology seeks to answer fundamental questions about the meaning of life and human flourishing, making it an essential area of study.

Our courses engage with the sources of theology: scripture, tradition, experience, and reason. We provide many classes that explore the relationship between religion and politics, end-of-life issues, bioethics, Indigenous spirituality, biblical studies, faith and reason, historical theology, theology and art, theology in film, the Bible in US politics, and many other fascinating topics.

Graduates with a degree in Theological Studies have successfully secured employment in various fields such as government, education, NGOs, healthcare, and chaplaincy.

Concordia University's Department of Theological Studies is inclusive and open to all. Our student community is diverse, consisting of individuals from various faiths and non-faith backgrounds.

Consider trying a single course or enrolling in one of our programs. Contact our accomplished faculty members to learn more about their teaching and research interests.

Studying theology provides a fulfilling journey and prepares you for future challenges.

For more information, please reach out to our department.

– Dr. André Gagné, Chair of the Department of Theological Studies

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