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Graduate programs

The Department of Theological Studies offers the degree of Master of/Magisteriate in Arts. There are two program options in the master's degree: Master of/ Magisteriate in Arts with thesis and Master of/Magisteriate in Arts with research papers. The Department has strong links with, and active participation in the Individualized Program (INDI) Ph.D. and the Humanities Ph.D. programs. For more information, you can also consult the online Theological Studies Graduate Calendar.

Program Objectives

The program is structured to enable students to apply contemporary methods of research to theological questions so as to arrive at valid personal knowledge.

Thesis Option: the program is centred on the preparation of a substantial thesis. It will be most useful to students who already have a rich background in Theological Studies, and who already have developed an area of special interest in Theology, perhaps with a view to eventual doctoral studies.

Non-Thesis Option: is intended to provide students with an opportunity to widen their knowledge of theological areas (i.e. Scripture, History, Systematic Theology, Ethics), while at the same time learning the discipline of research in two shorter research projects.

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