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Budding film-makers present their work on sustainability

June 23, 2020

Although we had to cancel our annual Sustainability and the Climate Crisis conference scheduled for this past March due to the pandemic, we are thrilled to be able to present the Sustainability Student Film Festival online. This festival features eight short films produced by students in COMS 539 (Media Production: Moving Images, taught by Professor Elizabeth Miller in the winter of 2020) and LOYC 298-01 (Ecocide and Dystopias, taught by Professor Philip Szporer in the fall of 2019), ranging in topics from how to fix clothes and properly compost to the importance of bees and fungi. As part of the fesitval, a team of dedicated judges was tasked with the difficult work of evaluating and comparing the films based on their relevance to sustainability, story, creativity, structure, and emotional impact. The following short films were awarded distinction in this competition:

1st Place: Bailie Hutchison, Guillaume Knobloch, and Anne-Marie Quadros: Eco-Consciousness

2nd Place: Daniel Crétu, Kathleen Diaz, and Siam Obregón: It's a Magical Universe

Learn more about all the short films and watch them online here.  

Congratulations to all for the great work!

Special thanks to the participating students, the volunteer judges (Sebastian di Poi, Matthew Leddy, Claudette Torbey, and Lara Wheeleri) and especially to Professors Elizabeth Miller and Philip Szporer for making this happen!


Stay tuned for more conference news and mark your calendars for next year's conference: March 17-19, 2021!

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