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Sustainability Student Film Festival

Originally scheduled for Tuesday, March 17, 2020, as part of the Sustainability across Disciplines: Sustainability and the Climate Crisis conference.

Now available online!

Part I: Ecocide and Dystopias

These films were created as the final project by students in LOYC 298-01: Ecocide and Dystopias, taught by Professor Philip Szporer.


Juliette Carman, Sabrina El-Hachem, and Ryme Mouline: Le Cri du Corps

Imprisoned by the limits and prejudices of society, a young woman seeks freedom through her dance.


Calvin Clarke, Sonora Kogo, and Anna Krupa: Mind Your Own Beeswax

The decline of bee populations is a pressing topic as more and more negative effects are being felt.


Daniel Crétu, Kathleen Diaz, and Siam Obregón: It's a Magical Universe

Learn about the magical world of fungi and their crucial role in forest ecosystems.
*It's a Magical Universe won second place in the student film festival competition.


Bailie Hutchison, Guillaume Knobloch, and Anne Marie Quadros: Eco-Consciousness

This short-film explores the notion of “eco consciousness” when it comes to the mind of a typical student.

*Eco-Consciousness won first place in the student film festival competition.

Part II: How to Live Sustainably in a Time of Climate Uncertainty

A creative and playful collection of how to’s

These films were created by students in COMS 569: Media Production: Moving Images, taught by Professor Elizabeth (Liz) Miller in the winter of 2020.


Snigdh Baunthiyal, Laura Boyce, Dee Edouard-Williams, and Bernard Lansbergen: How to be a ComposStar

Meet Compie and learn how to compost at Concordia University.


Guy Ettlin, Rahul Gandhi, Catherine Mary Preston, and Taliesin Weylin: Save Me a Square

Join a disgruntled millennial and a mysterious, algorithm-generated voice of God on their journey to baking greatness.


Teffer Adjemian, Lua Demeny, J. Graham, Shaina Higgins, and Ola Siebert: Sue Sustainable

Leading by example, or hunting down the wasteful wastrels, Sue Stainable knows a lot about saving the planet, and is challenged to learn more.


Marie-Anne Louis-Charles, Ghazal Mhd Ali, Gabrielle Mulholland, and Lucile Ponsolle: Make it Last

Visit local designer Flor of Flor Design, a sustainable sewing atelier, and learn how to fix your clothes rather than contribute to waste.

*The Sustainability Student Film Festival Competition was made possible by the hard work of our volunteer judges: Sebastian di Poi, Matthew Leddy, Claudette Torbey, and Lara Wheeler.

The participation of these student was facilitated by Professors Elizabeth (Liz) Miller and Philip Szporer, who continue to inspire students through their work in the classroom.

A big thank you to all those involved!

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