Participate in a survey - Impact of Law 21 on Students in Law and Educations in Quebec

January 18, 2021

This research project and its aims: 

Are you currently a student pursuing a career in education or law in Quebec?

We are a research initiative looking for your thoughts and opinions relating to the recent passage of Québec’s Loi sur la laicité de l’état, or Law 21 (also known as Bill 21). Enacted in 2019, Law 21 mandates the laicity of the Québec state and forbids Québec public employees in positions of authority, including teachers, police officers and lawyers employed by the state, from wearing religious symbols—i.e., clothing or accessories that are worn on the basis of religious belief or indicate a religious affiliation—at work. This survey is part of a larger study that is seeking to assess the impact of Bill 21 on the career choices of students who are currently completing university or CEGEP degrees in pertinent programs in Law and in Education, or who are making decisions about whether to undertake such training. Your participation would be incredibly appreciated.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the survey here.



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