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Open Positions

Room Monitors for Campus Quiet Spaces (Mid October to mid December, 2021)
Concordia University will be offering dedicated quiet spaces on campus for students completing their course requirements.  Students will be able to book these spots in advance and be assured they have a reserved space available at the time they need it. Each room will be overseen by a monitor to ensure bookings are respected and that silence is maintained. The Concordia Online Exam team within the Center for Teaching and Learning will coordinate the operation of these quiet spaces.

As a Room Monitor, you will:

  • Place required signage in the room, or ensure it is present
  • Ensure a student has a booking
  • Minimize disturbance in the classroom
  • Distribute university-provided ear plugs as required
  • Ensure students are wearing masks, and respect the distancing regulations for the given room (if any)
  • When needed contact IITS for technical issues in the room
  • Turn in power packs and unused ear plugs (if it’s the last shift) to IITS personnel or other designated person

This position will have to necessarily work on one of the Concordia campuses.

Work will be in shifts of 4 hours:

8 am to 12 noon

12 noon to 4 pm

4 pm to 8 pm 

Shifts are available on both the Loyola campus and the SGW campus. The service is being provided from mid October to mid December 2021.

Pay: 13.50 $/ hr


  • Be reliable and thorough
  • Professional demeanour
  • Ability to carefully handle university property
  • Ability to handle unexpected situations calmly, following protocols provided
  • Have a mobile phone to contact support when needed

Invigilators for Zoom Proctored Exams – Winter 2021 Final Exams. (See details of posting)

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