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Recent faculty publications

Explore publications by faculty members and discover our myriad interests. Visit our faculty profiles for more information, including full bibliographies. 

The Girl Who Stole Everything
Islamic Reform and Colonial Discourse on Modernity in India: Socio-Political and Religious Thought of Vakkom Moulavi - Jose Abraham
The Memory of the Temple and the Making of the Rabbis - Naftali S. Cohn
The Salvation of the Flesh in Tertullian of Carthage - Dressing for the Resurrection - Carly Daniel-Hughes
The Bloomsbury Reader in Religion, Sexuality and Gender - by Donald L. Boisvert (Editor), Carly Daniel-Hughes (Editor)
Le sûtra de la Mahâmâyûrî Rituel et politique dans la Chine des Tang - Marc Des Jardins
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