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Graduate programs

The Department of Religions and Cultures at Concordia offers three graduate programs: the M.A. in Religions and Cultures, M.A. Judaic Studies and Ph.D. in Religion. These programs place emphasis on social-scientific and comparative approaches to religion; cultural, philosophical, and historical studies; and the investigation of texts and manuscripts. We are committed to impartial, scholarly investigation of religious phenomena, and to the idea that the understanding of any one religion and its traditions is enriched by thoughtful inquiries into other religions. Students in all programs are expected to gain competency in the theoretical approaches and methodologies used in the academic study of religion.

Our large, research-oriented faculty is able to offer graduate supervision in full disciplinary depth and interdisciplinary breadth, supported by a world-class collection of libraries in Montréal. The Department's graduate programs provide advanced training in the study of major world religions (Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism) as well as traditions in particular regional contexts: Religions of Iran, Religions of South Asia, and Religions of China and Tibet.

The normal minimum requirement for admission to the MA programme in Religions and Culturesis graduation with high standing in a BA programme (or equivalent) either in Religious Studies or in a discipline in the Social Sciences, Humanities, or Fine Arts (eg history, anthropology, journalism) that would allow successful candidates to pursue their academic interests in step with the teaching areas of the Department and the research strengths of its faculty. International students who do not possess a BA (or equivalent) from a North American or European university should contact the MA Graduate Program Director ( to determine the suitability of their application.

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