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Undergraduate course descriptions

Picking Your Courses

We provide an annual course guide for courses in our department, which is downloadable below. Many courses can fit into multiple categories of requirements. It is recommended that you register as soon as possible, as some courses fill up very quickly. If you have been shut out, but need the course for your major or minor, please speak to an advisor about ways we might prioritize you.

Also note that you do not need to take all your requirements at once. You can and should take come electives even in your first year. Of the total credits for the degree, only 42 are for the major (or 60 for honours). Experiment and explore!

Photo by: Natalie Levtova, Former Undergraduate student, Copley Square, Boston

Adding a Religion Major or Minor

Are you interested in changing your major? Adding a second major? Adding a minor? Doing honours? Our advisor can easily add a second major and minor, and, if you are already in a BA in Arts and Science, change your major. In other circumstances, the advisor will guide you to the correct application procedure. There are many reasons why students are drawn to our programs and there are a number of options available, including a B.A. in ReligionSouthern Asia Studies, or Judaic Studies.

Program Requirements

Check the requirements for the degree - according to the calendar in the year you entered the program - and see which courses fit each requirement. If you are uncertain or it is unclear where a course will fit, please consult the Undergraduate Advisor. Note that except fo the regular B.A. and minor in Religions and Cultures, all 42 or 24 credits should be in courses within the department. You should receive prior permission for courses outside of the department, and you should consult with the undergraduate advisor regarding other programs or courses not explicitly mentioned in the Undergraduate Calendar.

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