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Misra Research Group

Dr. Misra and Dr. Madhur Srivastava in Quebéc, Canada on the 26th of July 2017 Dr. Misra presenting his group's work alongside Dr. Madhur Srivastava in Quebec city, Canada on the 26th of July 2017.

The Misra research group specializes in electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy which spans from analyzing samples, often by collaborating with other researchers at prominent research centres, to developing the technology itself.

The laboratory is equipped with an X-band (~9.5 GHz) and Q-band (~35 GHz) CW (continuous wave) EPR spectrometers, operating in the 4.2 – 1000 K temperature range. The group analyzes a variety of samples from biological, crystals, nano-materials and high temperature superconductors to name a few.

An example of a current project involves using EPR to understand how proteins evolved to bind with manganese, a critical aspect of photosystem II which allows photosynthesis to occur.

Research areas covered:

  • Continuous Wave (CW) and pulsed Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR, also known as electron spin resonance – ESR, electron magnetic resonance - EMR) at variable frequencies,
  • Computational techniques in EPR,
  • Optically-detected Magnetic Resonance (ODMR),
  • Theoretical application of percolation technique to EPR linewidth calculation,
  • Electron spin-lattice relaxation,
  • EPR study of phase transitions high-Tc superconductors, metalloproteins, nano-systems in ceramics and dilute magnetic semiconductors,
  • Simulations on EPR of slow tumbling of biradicals (CW and Pulsed ELDOR – electron-electron double resonance),
  • Pulsed EPR of Double Quantum coherence (DQC) and Pulsed EPR of Double Electron-Electron Resonance (DEER) for distance measurements in biological systems,
  • Application of Monte-Carlo technique to magnetic resonance phenomena; Simulation and fitting of EPR spectra of transition metal ions in disordered systems and
  • EPR spectra of oxygen-evolving complex (OEC).
Dr. Misra at EUROMAR in Frankfurt, Germany, on the 26th of June 2011 Dr. Misra presenting his group's work at EUROMAR in Frankfurt, Germany on the 26th of June 2011.
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