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Bianucci Research Group

Our research is mostly based on optical microresonators, microscopic structures that can maintain light confined within them. We interrogate them using optical fibers (that have been tapered to a diameter comparable to the wavelength of near-infrared light) and free-space lasers.

Some of the projects we are interested in are

  • Studying the optical properties of nanomaterials,
  • Designing and implementing micro-and nanophotonics devices,
  • Topological photonics,
  • Using microresonators for sensing and
  • Microresonators and quantum optics.
Optical table
Optical table

ST-UT2 optical table with active vibration damping

Fiber taper
Fiber Taper set up

Fully computer controlled

Optical device characterization
Optical Device Characterization

Tektronix MDO 4034-3 oscilloscope
Photonetics Tunics-Plus tunable from 1430-1640nm

Micro photoluminescence
Micro Photoluminescence

Low temperature capability
369nm continuous wave laser
50cm triple grating Czerny-Turner spectrograph with a EMCCD imaging camera

Chemical hood vent
Chemical hood vent
  • DLP 3D Printer
  • Thermolyne 1300 Furnace
  • Clad alignment fusion splicer
  • Elga Purelab Flex water purifier
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