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Colloquium Series

Department of Physics

Winter 2021 Schedule


Wednesday, Jan. 13th
3 pm  – 4 pm EST, Online,  Zoom link:

Dr. Lilian Childress 

McGill University 

Coupling diamond defects to high-finesse optical microcavities

Wednesday, Jan. 20th
3 pm  – 4 pm EST, Online,   Zoom link:

Dr. Mohammad Zarenia

Medical College of Wisconsin

Hydrodynamic Transport of Charge and Heat in Graphene Systems

Wednesday, Jan. 27th
3 pm  – 4 pm EST, Online,   Zoom link:

Dr. David Sivak

Simon Fraser University 

Revving your molecular machine: nonequilibrium driving and internal coupling

Wednesday, Feb. 3rd
3 pm  – 4 pm EST, Online,   Zoom link:

Dr. Nadya Mason

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Electronic Transport in Strain-Engineered Graphene

Wednesday,  Feb. 10th
3 pm  – 4 pm EST, Online,  Zoom link:

Dr. Xin Jin

Concordia University

Strong Light-Matter Interaction in Terahertz Plasmonic Nano-Resonators

Wednesday,  Feb. 17th
3 pm  – 4 pm EST, Online,   Zoom link:

Dr. Art van der Est

Brock University

Using Time-Resolved EPR Spectroscopy to Study Light-Induced ElectronTransfer in Porphyrin–Fullerene Conjugates
Wednesday,  Feb. 24th
3 pm  – 4 pm EST, Online,   Zoom link:

Dr. Oussama Moutanabbir

Polytechnique Montréal

All-Group IV Platforms for Quantum Engineering, Sensing, Communication, and much more
Wednesday, Mar. 10th
3 pm  – 4 pm EST, Online,   Zoom link:

Dr. Elizabeth Rhoades

University of Pennsylvania

It takes tau to tangle: functional studies of a dysfunctional protein
Wednesday, Mar. 17th
3 pm  – 4 pm EDT, Online,   Zoom link:

Dr. Nima Nateghi

Concordia University

Direct integration of III-V semiconductors and graphene for optoelectronic applications
Wednesday,  Mar. 24th
3 pm  – 4 pm, EDT Online,   Zoom link:

Dr. Paul Wiseman

McGill University

Probing Membrane and Cytoskeleton Dynamics in Living Cells with Image Correlation Spectroscopy Analysis of Super-Resolution Microscopy Images
Wednesday,  Mar. 31st
3 pm  – 4 pm EDT, Online,   Zoom link:

Dr. Richard Hennig

University of Florida


Machine learning for the discovery of physics and the search for new materials
Wednesday, Apr. 7th
3 pm  – 4 pm EDT, Online,   Zoom link:

Dr. Daniel Charlebois

University of Alberta

Quantifying the Transition from Non-Genetic to Genetic Drug Resistance

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