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Graduates & placements

Placements: Some of our graduates complete our MA as a stepping stone into PhD programs in philosophy, or into MAs or PhDs in other disciplines, or law. We are very successful with placements of our MAs into such programs and professions. These graduates of our MA program are listed under Placements.  

Graduates: Other graduates complete our MA to culminate their formal studies of philosophy with a graduate degree and to complete an intensive research and writing project in philosophy, and move on to other vocations, or positions in the workforce. These graduates of our MA program are listed under Graduates.  

We have graduated many MA students, too many to list on one page. Our listings are divided up into 5 year periods;  click on the arrows to expand each period. In all cases, we list the titles of the Major Research Papers (MRPs) or theses completed by our MAs. (In recent years, most of our students write MRPs vs. theses.)

Placements 2016- Present

Student Major Research Paper or thesis title
Serban, Zeno "The Value of Existence, Beyond Life: Towards a More Versatile Environmental Ethic" (MRP, Septmeber 2020) Philosophy PhD, University of North Texas
Varin, Maxime "Developing a Messianic Account of Time for Feminist Theory: Derrida’s Deconstruction and Kristeva’s Archaeology" (MRP, September 2020) Law School, University of Ottawa
Klassen, Troy "Being-with Others Online: A Heideggerian Analysis & Nancian Critique of the Authentic Self in the Digital World" (MRP, August 2020) Law School, University of Toronto
Greenways, Daniel "The Error in our Ways: Twofold Errancy in Heidegger’s References to Dao" (MRP, August 2020) Abridged Research Master of Philosophy, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven 
Gilbert-Walsh, Liam "Korsgaard’s Constitutivism: Agency, Normativity, and the Moral Law" (MRP, July 2020) Law School, Dalhousie University
Walters, Jordan "Is there a Metaethical Argument Against Non-natural Moral Realism?" (MRP, April 2020) Philosophy PhD, McGill University
Safi, Anass "Heidegger on Translation: From the “Untranslatable” to Essential Translation" (MRP, December 2019) Philosophy PhD, University of Ottawa
Lewitzky, Jozef "Derrida’s Earth: A Topography of World, Earth, and Khôra" (MRP, August 2019) Philosophy PhD, University of Ottawa
Giesbrecht, Michael "Living on Phantasms: Revaluating the Figure of the Phantasm in Jacques Derrida's Late Seminars" (MRP, August 2019) Research MPhil, Institute of Philosophy, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
O'Shea, William "Habit as Mediating Time and the Now: Hegel’s Response to Deleuze’s Empiricism" (MRP, August 2019) Philosophy PhD, York University
Lota, Kenji "Questions for Uniqueness" (MRP, April 2019) Philosophy PhD, University of Miami
Kerklaan, Nicholas "Foucault and the Writing of the Self in Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations" (MRP, July 2018) Philosophy PhD, University of Calgary
Arase, Sophie "Sentimental Phenomena in Kant’s Theory of Morally Worthy Action" (MRP, May 2018) Philosophy PhD, Florida State University
Gallivan, Laura "An Experiential, Inclusive Approach to Hope" (MRP, May 2018) MA in Counseling Psychology, McGill University
Paylnchuk, Matthew "Disability and the Site of Justice"(MRP, April 2018) MA in Biomedical Ethics, McGill University; PhD in Political Science, University of Toronto
Cook, Dan
"What Other Can Disturb Me? The Temporality of Alterity in Levinas’s Totality & Infinity" (MRP, July 2017) Philosophy PhD, Duquesne University
Mikhail, Melody "Sexual Difference and Mondialization After Marx (Jean-Luc Nancy and Luce Irigaray)" (MRP, May 2017) MA in Gender Studies and Feminist Research, McMaster University; now in
PhD, Women and Gender Studies, York University
Leon-Carlyle, Michael Rawb "What Red is Doing when No One is Looking: Colour, Qualia, and Synesthesia" (MRP, August 2016) Philosophy PhD, Pennsylvania State University
Scott, Blake "Expression, Institution and the Problem of Historicism in Merleau-Ponty" (MRP, August 2016) School of Law (J.D.), U British Columbia
Gavin, Anthony J.
"Schizophrenic Bodies: Towards a Radical Biopolitical Ontology of Schizophrenia" (MRP, Dec 2016) PhD, Cultural, Social & Political Thought, U Victoria

Graduates 2016- Present

Student Major Research Paper or thesis title
Cacciatore, Raymond "Re-opening the Body Schema to a Shared Temporality: A Phenomenological Investigation into the Therapeutic Potential of Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy for Depression" (MRP, September 2020)
Gagnon, Morgan "Standing Alone: Isolation, Trauma, and Distributive Injustice in University Mishandling of Sexual Violence" (MRP, September 2020)
Billingslea, Sierra "Illegal Skin, White Mask: A Critical Phenomenology of Irregular Child Migrants and the Maintenance of Whiteness in the United States" (MRP, August 2020)
Smith, Joshua "Meaning and Poetry in Gadamer and Derrida" (MRP, September 2019)
Roy, Patricia "Responsibility in the Face of Oppression: Why Empathy Matters." (MRP, May 2019)
Christopoulos, George "A Theory of Epistemic Trust and Testimony: A Hybrid View in the Epistemology of Testimony" (MRP, April 2019)
McIntyre, Cameron "Sovereignty and its relation to the death penalty in Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit" (MRP, April 2019)
Wallace, Rachel "Acts of Care: Considering Complexities of Contemporary Child Care and Dependency Work Alongside Arendt and Kittay" (MRP, January 2019)
Aiken, Stephany "Resurrecting the Demarcation Debate" (MRP, December 2018)
Eaton, Kaiah "Understanding Fanonian Humanism Through National Struggles" (MRP, October 2018)
Glowicki, Madeline "An Account of Willful Ignorance: Blameworthy Willful Ignorance, Praiseworthy Willful Ignorance, and Self-Deception" (MRP, September 2018)
Wills, Justin "The Mystic’s Experience of Time: Understanding Teresaof Avila through Buber's Philosophy of Dialogue and Levinas’s Philosophy of Relation" (MRP, August 2018)
Boivin, Sean "The Likelihood Principle: Objectivity and the Values and Science Debate" (MRP, March 2018)
Najafi, Mehdi "Sharon Street and Debunking of Morality" (MRP, March 2018)
Allen, Jasmin "Alienation: Identity crisis under capitalism" (MRP, November 2017)
Polce, Gabrielle "An Analysis of Time’s Involuntariness in Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology
Through Habits and Their Constructive Interruption" (MRP, September 2017)
Pollhammer, Drew "Between Natural Stupor and the Thought of Stupefication: On Gilles Deleuze's Transcendental Stupidity" (MRP, August 2017)
Rollans, Kay "Being Together with the World: On Metaphoric Expression as a Clue to Merleau-Ponty’s Ontology" (MRP, August 2017)
Ramusovic, Zlatan "Negativity and the Individual in the “Comedy” Section of the Phenomenology of Spirit" (MRP, December 2016)  
Tradel, Mellissa "(Re)Imagining Home: Emmanuel Levinas on Dwelling, Responsibility and the Welcoming of the Other" (MRP, November 2016)
Beraldo, Deanne "A Role for Genealogies in Ongoing Moral Discourse" (MRP, April 2016)
Taylor, Edward D.
"The Importance of Humility for the Teaching of Critical Thinking" (MRP, March 2016)
Atack, Dan "A Vice-Oriented Approach to Environmental Virtue Ethics" (MRP, January 2016)

Placements 2011-15

Student Major Research Paper or thesis title
Jackanich, Paul "Silent Communication as Active Listening in Martin Heidegger's Being and Time", (MRP, August 2015) Philosophy PhD, Université de Montréal
Papadopoulos, Dennis
"Collective Emotion in an Emotional Framework of Rationality" (MRP, July 2015) Philosophy PhD, York University
Hensby, Eben Heidegger and Derrida on Animals and World: Questioning the Purity of the Animal-Human Distinction in the Fundamental Concepts of Metaphysics” (MRP, June 2015) Placed in Philosophy PhD, University of Guelph
Chelin, Didier "Repetition, Performativity, and Gender Reversibility: Butler and Merleau-Ponty on the Temporality of the Lived Body" (MRP, September 2014) Law Program, McGill University
McLay, Sarah "Traumatized Sense-making: On Merleau-Ponty, Traumatic Memory, and Institution" (MRP, August 2014) Philosophy PhD, University of Oregon
Peterson, Michael "Naming as Citation: The Responsibility to Name" (MRP, April 2014) Philosophy PhD Program, DePaul University
Comeau, Fred "A Phenomenological Critique of Wheeler’s Action-Oriented Representation" (MRP, April 2014) Computer Science PhD, University of Manitoba
Myketiak, Tara "Global Distributive Justice and the Human Right of economic Migration" (MRP, September 2012) Political Science PhD Program, McGill University
Torfehnezhad, Parzhad "Understanding Carnap’s Language" (MRP, 2012) Philosophy PhD Program, Université de Montréal
Daher, Yasmin "Humanity as Interpersonal Becoming" (MRP, September 2012) Philosophy PhD Program, Université de Montréal
Hadisi Mohammad Reza Karim   "Kant’s Revisionary Metaphysics: The Role of Non-Conceptual Contents of Cognition in Transcendental Idealism" (MRP, August 2012) Philosophy PhD Program, University Illinois at Chicago
Medeiros, Darren "The Phenomenology of Minimal Actions: Merleau-Ponty on Habit and the Prepersonal." (MRP, August 2012) Philosophy PhD Program, Rice University
Landreville, Danielle

"Sleep, Lateral Passivity and Divergence in Merleau Ponty's Passivity Lectures" (MRP, August 2012)

Placed in Philosophy PhD Program, University of Guelph
Corneli, Mauro Massimo "Frege's Ceasar Objection and Hilbert's Model -Theoretic Standpoint" (MRP, March 2012) Philosophy PhD Program, Ohio State University
Worthy, Jay "The Spatial and Temporal Conditions of Dasein as Deseverance: A question of Priority " (MRP, 2011) Philosophy PhD Program, University of Alberta

Graduates 2011-15

Student Major Research Paper or thesis title
Tradel, Melissa "(Re)Imagining Home:  Emmanuel Levinas on Dwelling, Repsonsibility and the Welcoming of the Other", (MRP, November 2015)
Pawson, James "A Wittgensteinian Basis for Sematic Access in Artificial Intelligence"  (MRP, August 2015)
Johnston, Victoria
“A Levinasian Approach to Understanding Our Ethical Responsibility for Distant Others” (MRP, June 2015)
Niemyska, Edyta "Two Senses of Immanence in Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex and Female Body Comportment" (MRP, September 2014)
Johnson, Timothy "Why Not Kill? The Normativity of Alterity in Camus's Absurd" (MRP, April 2014)
Alarie, Stephane "Agency and the Speed of Time: Conceptual Contributrions Through Husserl and Recent Neuroscience" (MRP, April 2014)
Wilkins, Emily "Merleau-Ponty on the Capacity to Bear Freedom: The Hidden Art of Coping" (MRP, April 2014)
Thompson, Colin "Justifications Ain't in the Head: Habermas' Appropriation of Putnam's Extensional Theory of Meaning for Discourse Ethics" (MRP, April 2014)
Azzarello, Sarah "Race: A Plurality of Concepts" (MRP, April 2014)
Arnoux, Benjamin "Movement as Drama: Working toward a Merleau-Pontian Theory of Acting" (MRP, April 2013)
Renner, William "Collective Cognition: An Enactive Account, Via Concepts of Sympoiesis and Super-organisms" (MRP, April 2013)
Dean, Brendan "Experiencing Affliction: Rethinking Chronic Illness through Gadamer's Account of the Work of Art" (MRP, August 2012)
Lutzuk, Eric James "Interests, Identity and Collective Movements for Social Change" (MRP, April 2012)
Pilon, Marc "Empathy and Solidarity" (MRP, 2011)
Schnaase, Philipp "Drone & Pulse: A Philosophical Interpretation of American minimal Music withContinual Reference to Schopenhaur's Music Aesthetics" (MRP, 2011)
Leroux, Craig "Philosophy of Ernst Cassirer"  (2011)
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