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Courses for the Minor in Diversity and the Contemporary World: 2021-2022

Note that, in case of disagreement in terms of course location or time between this site and the online portal, the online portal is correct. Please contact the College to report errors or in case of any questions or comments.

All classes are being offered remotely this coming summer due to the pandemic. We do not yet know whether fall and winter classes will be online or in person.

Those classes marked "Remote" are normally offered in person; those marked "Online" are always offered online; those marked "May be remote or in person" are normally offered in person but may be offered online this year, depending on the pandemic.

LOYC courses (choose six courses, including LOYC 420 and/or LOYC 398-01)


Relevant electives (6 credits)

Students in the Minor must take 6 credits (two 3-credit courses or one 6-credit course) of electives relevant to the program. These electives may be from any other department but must be approved by the Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability. Contact the department to have specific electives approved.


GPA requirement

To be eligible to graduate with the Minor in Diversity and the Contemporary World, students must have at least a B (3.00) in each course taken towards the minor.

Due to the limitation in the number of courses we can offer every year, the following LOYC courses listed in the Undergraduate Calendar are not offered this year and likely will not be offered in the 2020-2021 academic year:

  • LOYC 201:     The Idea of Modernity
  • LOYC 202:     What is the Environment?
  • LOYC 210:     The 20th Century
  • LOYC 310:     Science and the Contemporary World
  • LOYC 350:     Internship in Sustainability. To get credit for internships, students can take LOYC 420

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