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Concordia tree project

An aerial view of three people planting a tree in a round hole surrounded by green grass. Concordia students planting trees on the Loyola campus in the fall of 2019

The goal of the Concordia Tree Project is to provide the opportunity for members of our community and the general public to learn about the wealth of trees we have on campus.The project is designed to provide a growing body of information at the species and the individual tree level. The project is coordinated by Rebecca Tittler at the Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability and includes the work of many undergraduate students at the College, including Samantha Henry, Queena Ng, Samantha Rhainds, Katya Tavitian, and Mireya Palacios Jimenez, and staff, including Jackie Martin (Urban Agriculture and Biodversity Coordinator of Concordia) and Arrien Weeks (Concordia Centre for Creative ReUse).

Currently, there are 61 species of trees on the Loyola and Sir George Williams campuses of Concordia University. We are building pages for each species and, eventually, each tree; see below. In addition, we will be labelling the actual trees with QR codes that lead to the tree pages below, as well as including information about carbon stored and sequestered, energy saved, and other ecosystem services provided by each tree. This is a work in progress.

We recognize that the native trees were named by the Indigenous peoples of the land long before Europeans came and gave them English, French, and Latin names. One of our main priorities moving forward is to respectfully include and highlight the names in Kanien’kehá ka and to add information on how the Kanien’kehá:ka and other Indigenous peoples of Canada used and continue to use them.

Abies balsamea, Balsam fir branch; a short-needled green conifer Abies balsamea, Balsam fir (native)
Quercus rubra, Northern red oak leaves Quercus rubra, Northern red oak (native)
Green deltoid-shaped leaves of the Eastern cottowood tree looking up from the ground Populus deltoides, Eastern cottonwood (native; Photo credit: Katya Tavitian)
A photo of the branch of a conifer tree (Tamarack) with green needles (leaves) and round brown cones Larix laricina, Eastern Tamarack or Larch (native)
Acer platanoides, Norway maple leaves Acer platanoides, Norway maple (invasive)
Picture of a branch of O'so:ra / White spruce: white-tinged green needles and a few small brown cones O'so:ra / Picea glauca /White spruce (native)
Grey-brown branches and light green leaves of a Black locust tree Robinia pseudoacacia, Black locust (possibly invasive)
Acer saccharinum, Silver maple leaves Acer saccharinum, Silver maple (native)
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