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Funding for travel/study to Ireland

Field Studies in Ireland (3 credits): Students in the Irish Studies Major and Minor programs have the opportunity to travel to Ireland to pursue an Irish Studies field study over the summer. Funding is available for students who meet the criteria and complete the application procedure outlined below.

Applying for a Field Studies opportunity and scholarship

There is a formal application process for field studies. A committee of Irish Studies faculty will read all application proposals and determine which projects will be accepted and which of those will receive a scholarship.

To apply, follow these steps:

  1. Do some preliminary research by using the library and internet to narrow down your proposed area of study and to determine where and how you might go about exploring your topic in Ireland. 
  2. Make an appointment with an Irish Studies faculty member to discuss your idea and to receive feedback on how you might further refine and develop it into a viable field studies project. 
  3. Having taken on this feedback, write and submit a formal proposal (2-3pp). Along with identifying the faculty member with whom you wish to work, your proposal should clearly articulate your research topic and precisely where and how you would go about exploring and researching it in Ireland. Your proposal should be as clear, focused, and as detailed as possible, showing evidence that you spent some time and energy developing an intellectually sound and logistically viable project and that you are academically prepared to undertake your plan of study.

Due Dates

April 19, 2019.  By May, the School will contact applicants with their decisions as to which proposals have been accepted and which of those will receive scholarships.

Note: Successful applicants must formally register for the field studies course and arrange to meet with their faculty advisor to further develop their research plan, content, expectations, and deadlines -- prior to leaving for their research trip.

For further information and registration assistance contact Matina Skalkogiannis 514-848-2424, ext. 8711 or email

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