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Funding for travel/study to Ireland

Field Studies in Ireland (3 credits): Advanced Irish Studies Majors with a high GPA and who are nearing the end of their undergraduate program have the opportunity to travel to Ireland over the summer to pursue a credited Irish Studies independent field study. Funding is available for students who meet the criteria and complete the application procedure outlined below.

Students enrolled in the Irish Studies Major who have completed most of their Irish Studies credits, including several courses in the discipline(s) most relevant to your proposed field study (e.g. history, literature, anthropology, film, etc.). Academic excellence – defined as a high GPA and a track record of meeting deadlines and successfully undertaking self-driven, independent research –  are also essential. The project itself must be clearly formulated; logistically viable; entail research and outcomes equivalent to 3-credits of coursework; and entail a significant research dimension in Ireland. Permission to pursue field studies will be determined by the School on an individual basis. Criteria include meeting all eligibility requirements; the quality and viability of a proposed plan of study; evidence of academic preparedness to pursue a given project; and the willingness of an Irish Studies faculty member to undertake supervision.  

Field Studies in Ireland is designed to allow students to conduct focused scholarly study of a given subject in an Irish context during the summer. The experience in Ireland may be in the context of a structured environment (e.g. one of several well-established literary or historical ‘summer schools’ and/or conferences) or may take the form of a more independent exploration (e.g. researching at national or local archives; pursuing a political or cultural internship; exploring historic sites, etc.).

Following completion of a detailed proposal and preparatory reading and work undertaken at Concordia under the supervision of an Irish Studies faculty member in late spring/early summer, a student then embarks on a sustained summer research trip (generally a couple of weeks) to Ireland. Upon returning to Concordia, the student completes and submits their final research outcomes (usually a significant research paper or final project portfolio) at the end of the summer or in early fall. All course content and requirements are established in consultation with a faculty member of the School.

Yes! The School offers funding to support deserving students with the strongest applications for field studies.

Applying for a Field Studies opportunity and scholarship

There is a formal application process for field studies. A committee of Irish Studies faculty will read application proposals in the spring and determine which projects will be accepted and which of those will receive a scholarship.

To apply, follow these steps:

  1. Do some preliminary research to narrow down your proposed area of study and to determine where and how you might go about exploring your topic in Ireland. 
  2. Make an appointment with the relevant Irish Studies faculty member to discuss whether they would be willing to supervise your project and, if so, how you can further refine and develop it into a viable field study. 
  3. Having taken on this feedback, write and submit a formal proposal (2-3pp). Along with identifying the faculty member with whom you wish to work, your proposal should clearly articulate your research topic and precisely where and how you would go about exploring and researching it in Ireland. Your proposal should be as clear, focused, and as detailed as possible, showing evidence that you spent time and energy developing an intellectually sound and logistically viable project and that you are academically prepared to undertake your plan of study.

Due Dates

Completed applications for a summer field study should be received by the School’s front office by April 15 each academic year.  Each May, the School will review all applications and will contact applicants with their decisions as to which proposals have been accepted and which of those will receive scholarships.

Note: Successful applicants must formally register for the field studies course and arrange to meet with their faculty advisor to further develop their research plan, content, expectations, and deadlines -- prior to leaving for their research trip.

For further information and registration assistance contact Matina Skalkogiannis ( or 514-848-2424, ext. 8711.

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