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Testimonials - Employer

Employers of the Master's in Environmental Assessment talk about the benefits of GPE students to their organization


“Fatima-Zohra Makhtoum took on every task that came her way and was enthusiastic about learning new material and applying her knowledge and skills. She made a fantastic addition to the team and we have sincerely enjoyed working with her.”

Raie Leith, Manager, Operational and Regulatory Support, Water

Environment and Climate Change Canada


“Lorena Gracia delivered an outstanding performance during her internship with Environmental Assessment, Land Use Planning and Conservation Division (EALUPC). She approached every task with an open-mind, worked efficiently and independently, and was sure to check in with her colleagues prior to delivering a product, ensuring she was indeed on the right track. Throughout her internship with EALUPC, she delivered high quality work that exceeded expectations, often times before agreed-upon deadlines." 

Michelle-Claire Roy, Environmental Policy Analyst

Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada


"Thomas Goetz is a constructive communicator and is capable of discussing difficult issues effectively and to the point. He takes time to explain to others, promotes cooperation to ensure colleagues work as a team to meet deadlines, and that everyone is integrated in the process. Thomas quickly adapts to changes in the performance of required duties, a requirement for a startup environment.  He has improved this skill a lot. Now, he is more patient, takes a step back to break problems down and analyzes them in a more detailed manner. Thomas is a source of suggestions and solutions."

Emmanuelle Tavernier, Founder and President




"Jessica Babikian was a pleasure to work with and has executed a difficult assignment, which required the review and analysis of a large volume of legal text, in a highly competent and efficient manner. The resulting report will be very useful to the Green Coalition in their ongoing efforts to obtain stronger legal protections for natural spaces in the Montreal region."

Gareth Richardson, President

Green Coalition


"Jenny Espitia’s work was of a very high quality. Her willingness to adapt to a non-traditional Environmental Assessment project was appreciated by the entire team. She made an excellent effort to participate in all aspects of our teamwork and delivered on agreed objectives without fail. We were so happy to have gotten to work with such a great student this summer!"

Faisal Shennib, Environmental Specialist

Concordia University


" It has been a real pleasure working with Fiona Wirz-Endrys. She has a great attitude towards learning and fits in with our team really well. Fiona works well with communities and demonstrates real commitment, thought, and care with the work she does for Odonaterra. Overall, Fiona has been a great junior addition to the team."

Caroline Coburn, Managing Director

Odonaterra Inc.


“Kendra Warnock-Juteau has been a wonderful addition to the Environmental Assessment Division (EAD) at the CNSC. She is a supportive team member, enthusiastic and eager to learn more.  Kendra has provided valuable support in helping senior CNSC staff members lead environmental assessments (EA) for major projects. Kendra works collaboratively with all members of the team, offering her time and skills when others need additional support. Her organizational skills allow her to balance her workload.  Kendra’s enthusiasm for learning has continued during her internship at the CNSC.  She makes time to attend the division’s knowledge transfer sessions to learn more about how a federal regulator manages and conducts EAs.”

Nana Kwamena, Director, Environmental Assessment Division

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission


“Very pleased with Jessica Krejcik’s work. She worked well independently and was not shy to ask people she had never met for data or ask for help/guidance when needed. This COVID-19 situation made it tough on everyone as we all worked from home – hence Jessica had minimal in-person supervision. She still was able to write a very complete report. She was willing to work on any adjustments needed or new programs such as the AASHE reporting tool and SIMAP."

Arianne Duchesne, Manager, Health, Safety & Sustainability

Vanier College


“Luz Gomez has good understanding of the tasks assigned to her. She would use her technical skills and knowledge for all the projects assigned to her. She is a great team player and respected everyone’s perspective. Her arguments were logical and well formed. When asked to lead a small project, she demonstrated excellent project management skills and provided constructive feedback to all the team members. She is always willing to learn and able to work under pressure.”

Aditya Jain and Kunal Garje, Co-Presidents

Net Impact Montreal


“Gillian Griffin was the first student we employed since the COVID-19 public health crisis required our division’s staff to work from home and there was some uncertainty about our ability to supervise a student remotely. However, with the use of communication technologies we were able to manage the situation with great success.  Gillian worked very well independently and demonstrated good problem-solving skills, completed tasks on time and produced high quality results.  Gillian worked to understand tasks independently but asked for direction when needed.  Gillian was very adaptable and could accommodate change in scheduling or assigned tasks when needed, communicated effectively and worked cooperatively with all team members.”

James Neary, Environmental Policy Analyst

Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada



“We are deeply appreciative for all the intern has done for our team, at a time when we were especially under pressure to produce results. Your program is batting 100% on quality - send us more CVs!”

Jason Spensley, Programme Officer

LifeWeb Initiative Secretariat for the Convention on Biological Diversity United Nations Environment Programme

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