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GIS Lab Access Card Request


Students active in a GPE program and currently enrolled in a course that requires access to the GIS Lab (H-1254) may use the form below to request a prox card for after-hours access. If a card request is approved, a non-refundable fee of $23.00 will be payable at pick-up. Average processing time for card requests is between two and four weeks. In addition, the requester must agree to the terms and conditions described in the online application form. Student cards will be active only during the term and exam period of enrolled course(s). The student must use the form to request reactivation if subsequent enrollments qualify for access. No additional fees will be charged for reactivation. 
Note - After-hours access is not a right, but rather a privilege that may be summarily and permanently suspended by the department of GPE for any behavior that is incompatible with the safe and orderly use of the Lab by all users. Each user must have their own card, card sharing is not allowed.


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