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Classics encompasses the study of all aspects of ancient Greece and Rome. The department offers a challenging undergraduate program in Classics through which students may explore Western cultural roots.

CMLL has given me the opportunity to explore my ultimate dream. I am currently studying at Cambridge University in Great Britain, reading in Egyptology. Without the wonderful mentors, program fundamental and always supportive department, I would not be where I am today.

Allison Williams
BA Honours Classics (Classical Civilization), 2010

Concordia's innovative programs provide an integrated and interdisciplinary environment that combines archaeology, ancient Greek and Latin, history, and literature. Our programs present the experience of classical civilizations as part of a continuum of human experiences that includes 21st-century cultures and offers a challenging program in which students can explore a critical and exciting period of world history.

In addition to being ready to pursue graduate studies in Classics, Archaeology, or a related field, students who complete a Classics degree will be very well prepared for careers in any profession that requires big ideas, fast information gathering, critical problem solving, dynamic oral and written communication, detailed analysis of data, global horizons, and an experience of different cultures. These include law, business, museum studies, archives and libraries, diplomacy, journalism, and literature.

About the BA program

The 60-credit BA Honours in Classics and the 42-credit BA Major in Classics both programs offer concentrations in Classical Languages and Literature and Classical Civilization.

The Classical Languages and Literature concentrations emphasize training in Latin and Greek. Ancient authors are studied in the original text.

The Classical Civilization concentrations aim at a broader study of the history, literature, and civilization of the ancient world. Texts are studied in English translation. Courses in Latin and/or Greek are optional except for a minimum requirement in the Honours program.


The department offers three 24-credit minor programs:

  • Minor in Classical Languages and Literature
  • Minor in Classical Civilization
  • MInor in Classical Archaeology

Program requirements and course descriptions for all programs can be found in the Undergraduate Calendar.

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