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How to apply to the Co-op program

Not yet a Concordia student?

The most direct way to join Co-op @ Concordia is to check off "I want to apply for the co-op option" when you submit your general Concordia application.
You will obtain the result of your application to Co-op and further information on your letter of admission to Concordia.



Though this is not the only criteria for admission, Co-op has minimum grade requirements, which vary for each different Co-op program. Once enrolled, you must maintain a minimum GPA, which also varies by Program, or you will be removed from Co-op.

International students

Work Permit Handout

Co-op Work Permit Handout


International students accepted into a Co-op program can find information on how to apply for a work permit in this document. If you have any questions, please contact the International Students Office.

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