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We are always becoming...

SHIFT's Impact Evaluation – Storytelling Map Game 

What impact is SHIFT having on the capacity, sustainability, and social transformation potential of project teams, governance members, and other collaborators?


The SHIFT story land

SHIFT's Impact Evaluation

We are so pleased to finally be launching SHIFT's Storytelling Map Game, a survey game designed for you to share the story of your relationship with SHIFT.

We are always becoming... is an impact evaluation project that started over a year ago. Through this project, we are attempting to evaluate how being in relationship with SHIFT has inspired new perspectives, brought new learnings, and facilitated new connections for our partners, collaborators, and friends.

Our objective is to gain an understanding of the impact we are having on our ecosystem.

Leaning on our ecosystem

Here at SHIFT, we refer to our stakeholders and community as the "SHIFT Ecosystem". In designing the We are always becoming... approach, we leaned on the ecosystem concept as a guide.

Every person or group who connects with SHIFT represents a piece of a larger landscape, whose inhabitants all contribute something unique to the whole. Every interaction between our stakeholders and SHIFT, whether through accessing resources or participating in governance, generates new data that flows into our pool of collective knowledge and learning, which waters the flowers and nourishes our continued growth.

We wanted to capture this spirit in our evaluation.

Our ongoing story 

Our Storytelling Map Game builds on an alternative approach rooted in storytelling and relational dynamics. 

As all ecosystems, this knowledge is cyclical: as the water from the pool evaporates, it returns to all the interactions you have with SHIFT, nourishing the ongoing growth and sustainability of both SHIFT and our broader ecosystem. 

We are never finished, we are always becoming.

About the Storytelling Map Game 

We have been collecting data in person over the last year and are so excited to be launching the online version of our storytelling & mapping activity!

The map game includes 7 steps where you will chart your journey with SHIFT and tell us the story of your relationship. Please note that the game should take you approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

As you move through the game, we hope that you answer honestly and include as much details as possible. We also hope that – like many of the folks we talked to in person, this activity creates an opportunity for you to reflect about your own work, that of your peers, and the social change sector in general. 

We thank you for your time, your honesty, and your words. 

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