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SHIFT Internship Program

Community-based experiential learning opportunities 

The SHIFT internship program facilitates experiential learning opportunities that match Concordia students with socially transformative initiatives across Montreal. 

The program

As part of SHIFT’s mission, our internship program

  • Connects Concordia students with community-led projects that are part of SHIFT’s community through our funding programs.
  • Facilitates opportunities for students to gain valuable learning experience while contributing to social transformation.
  • Provides training, support and guidance to students and host organizations to ensure a positive and meaningful experience for all involved.
  • Welcomes students in a dynamic space where they can connect with one another, share skills, and network with the broader SHIFT community.
Testimonials from students on their experience in the internship program.

For students 

Each semester, we offer a wide range of internships to allow students from all faculties to experiment with and put in application the knowledge gained through their classes. Opportunities are offered as part-time or full-time paid positions.


  • Students must be enrolled in a degree program at Concordia University during the term in which the internship will be completed.
  • Students are encouraged to apply to a role relevant to their program of study.
  • Students must be authorized to work in Canada.

For host organizations 

As part of our extensive in-kind support offerings, all projects that have been funded by SHIFT can host one or two interns per term, as long as they remain active members of our Learning Community.

SHIFT provides support in promoting the available roles and assumes full financial responsibility for the interns.


  • Roles must be designed to directly support the project funded by SHIFT.
  • Hosts are required to develop a role and send the description to the Internship program Assistant.
  • Hosts are expected to provide mentoring and supervision to ensure a mutually beneficial experience for both parties.

Hosting a student

  • Project teams may seek support from the Internship Program Assistant to write or co-design the role description.  
  • Once the role description is finalized, SHIFT shares the opportunity to relevant Concordia faculties and programs. Hosts are also required to promote the role within their own networks.
  • Hosts receive applications, conduct interviews and select a student for the role. SHIFT can provide support if needed throughout the process.   

Information about the process to host a student is sent to members of the SHIFT Learning Community each term.

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