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Meet the team

Our team of dedicated individuals works collaboratively on the various operational dossiers driven by SHIFT, bringing a diversity of perspectives and expertise as we implement our efforts for social transformation. 

Photo of Emma Harake

Emma Harake

Coordinator, Space and Events
Contact Emma
Photo of Richenda Grazette

Richenda Grazette

Coordinator, Funding Program
Contact Richenda
Photo of Elisabeth Cramer

Akina Matsuo

Coordinator, Ecosystem Activation
Contact Akina
Photo of Claire Gaëlle Champagne

Claire Gaëlle Champagne

Coordinator, Communications
Contact Claire Gaëlle
Photo of Stephanie Childs

Stephanie Childs

Coordinator, Shared Power and Community Engagement
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Photo of Elisabeth Cramer

Elisabeth Cramer

Coordinator, Social Innovation
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Photo of Elisabeth Cramer

Ludyvine Kodjane

Administrative Assistant
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Photo of Susan Edey

Susan Edey

Senior Director, Community Engagement and Social Impact
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Part-time collaborators

Shin Ling Low

Assistant, Internship Program
Contact Shin Ling
Photo of Elisabeth Cramer

Valentina Plata

Assistant, Events and Operations
Contact Valentina
Photo of Elisabeth Cramer

Dorsa Zare

Assistant, Communications and Operations
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