Claire Gaëlle Champagne

Rosemary Chen
Administrative Assistant

Susan Edey

Susan Edey
Program Manager

Elisabeth Cramer

Elisabeth Cramer
Social Innovation Lead

Claire Gaëlle Champagne

Claire-Gaëlle Champagne
Communications Coordinator

Stephanie Childs

Stephanie Childs
Project Coordinator


Andrea Clarke
Senior Director, Community Engagement and Social Impact

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In light of important physical distancing measures put in place to respond to Covid-19, we are no longer hosting in-person office hours.

We are still available to answer your questions and would be happy to hear from you!
Here are some ways you can reach us:

Set up a virtual meeting with our team using our online booking tool during our normal drop-in office hours (Tuesdays between 2 pm and 4 pm, Thursdays between 10 am and noon)

Email your questions or request an alternative meeting time at

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