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We bring diverse people, communities, and organizations together to address major societal challenges and create a more just, inclusive, and broadly prosperous Montréal.

Our mandate

Make connections across divides

  • Host events that bring together actors from different ecosystems
  • Facilitate tough conversations
  • Enable knowledge exchange and mobilization
  • Activate a physical space where people can meet and work together

Support existing and emerging social transformation initiatives

  • Provide directly or facilitate connections with internal and external resources for funding, training, and hands-on support
  • Provide access to space
  • Advocate with internal or external seats of power

Cultivate multidisciplinary curriculum and research

  • Support transdisciplinary relationship development
  • Support degree programs and courses that don't easily fit in other departments/faculties

How we work


Meet people where they are and invest in concrete relationship development practices


Look for affinities and act as a concierge to connect and facilitate collaboration between projects, people, resources, and opportunities across boundaries


Prioritize projects and activities that are responsive to, relevant for, and led by community


Democratize knowledge-making and recognize diverse forms of expertise


Prioritize the integration of student leadership, hiring students as much as possible


Strive for complementarity; look first to engage with what already exists rather than re-inventing


Work from an awareness and long-term memory of Concordia's past and present social transformation initiatives

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