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We bring diverse people, communities, and organizations together to address major societal challenges and create a more just, inclusive, and broadly prosperous Montréal.

What we do

Make connections across divides

Support existing and emerging social transformation initiatives

Cultivate multidisciplinary curriculum and research

Our core activities

Building community and knowledge exchange

Funding high-potential social transformation initiatives

Activating SHIFT’s ecosystem

Sharing power and participatory decision making

Ongoing evaluation and development

How we work

Meet people where they are and invest in concrete relationship development practices

Look for affinities and act as a concierge to connect and facilitate collaboration between projects, people, resources, and opportunities across boundaries

Prioritize projects and activities that are responsive to, relevant for, and led by community

Democratize knowledge-making and recognize diverse forms of expertise

Prioritize the integration of student leadership, hiring students as much as possible

Strive for complementarity; look first to engage with what already exists rather than re-inventing

Work from an awareness and long-term memory of Concordia's past and present social transformation initiatives

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