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Send official documents

Your Offer of Admission may be conditional on maintaining a certain average and successfully completing your last term or semester. If you think you may not be able to meet those conditions,  please email the admissions officer indicated in your Offer of Admission.

Your Offer of Admission may be conditional on sending in official documents. We know coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to present many challenges. Do not worry about submitting official documents now if you're facing difficulties obtaining them. You can upload unofficial copies via your Student Centre in the interim. You have until December 1, 2020 to submit your official documents. 

In order for documents to be considered official, they must be received directly from the issuing institution or organization. Unless specified in the section below about electronic submission, students must arrange for the original documents to be sent to Concordia via mail or courier.

Quebec Cegep students

We should receive your official final transcripts directly from your Cegep. We’ll notify you if you need to arrange the submission of your transcripts yourself.

Your Offer of Admission may be conditional on completing your DEC before September 2020. Don't worry if you won't be done your DEC by then: you now have until summer 2021 to provide proof of DEC completion. You may start your program at Concordia in September 2020 with up to three missing "components." Components can include any combination of a course, the language exit test or the comprehensive assessment.  

Ontario secondary school students

  • Fall term: We will receive your official final transcripts electronically from your high school if you included your OUAC number in your application to Concordia. 
  • Winter term: Arrange for your school to send us your official final transcripts, indicating you’ve been awarded your diploma.

All other applicants

Concordia automatically considers transcripts official if they come to us directly from the issuing body, unless otherwise specified in your offer of admission. The issuing body could be your school or another organization, like International Baccalaureate (depending on your situation).

Official transcripts and accompanying documents in a language other than English or French must include a translation by a certified translator. The transcript must detail the subjects taken and grades achieved or be accompanied by a certified statement from an authorized official of the school.

Sealed envelope method

We accept transcripts if the document meets these conditions:

  • The transcript arrives in an envelope with the name and address of your school, and the school’s logo if one exists, plus a notice on the envelope stating it contains official transcripts.
  • The envelope is sealed with a signature, signature stamp or label across the seal.



We accept official transcripts officially via Parchment, National Student Clearinghouse or Scoir. Please note that you and your school need to be signed up with these service providers to make use of this option for submitting transcripts

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