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Faculty: Fine Arts

Degree: BFA, Computation Arts Specialization

Languages: English, Vietnamese, French (Intermediate)

Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hear ye hear ye! I'm Percy Nguyen, a third-year student in Computation Arts specialization! I'm just a down to earth jokester who's curious about anything and everything! I also love to code interactive websites and give them a unique personality and story!

The one thing I wished I would have known back in my first semester is… Consistency always outperforms intensity! Just like a little plant, you have to nourish and cherish it every day. Dumping buckets of water on a wilted plant might save it- or might not. This is most definitely not an analogy to the relationship between your study habits and your final grade.

A tip I have for new students is… Please close your eyes. Imagine a world where no one is sleep deprived... What worldly heaven filled with smiles and laughter. Now drift off to sleep while you're at it... But on a serious note do prioritize your sleep for it is necessary for your own health and productivity.

My favorite part of being a Concordia student isThe Sir George Williams campus is located right at the heart of Montreal! Ya want Korean BBQ? There's a good handful right around the corner! Miss home and prefer your own cooking instead? Take another couple steps and discover your favorite grocery store. You want it? You got it! 

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Sir George Williams Campus
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Loyola Campus
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