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mara mentor portrait photo

Faculty: Arts and Science  

Degree: BA, Psychology and Religions and Culture

Languages: English and Spanish 

Hometown: Medellin, Colombia

Hi everyone! My name is Mara, I am an ameteur rock climber and camera collector (I have more than I can use). My favourite thing to do in my freetime in Montreal is to go on a long bike ride by the canal or take the metro to a random station... lots to see!

The one thing I wished I would have known back in my first semester is… participating in clubs and events is less scary than it seems, everyone is just hoping to have a good time.

A tip I have for new students is… mess up! That's what university is all about and you shouldn't be afraid of embracing that.

My favorite part of being a Concordia student is… the students, being in Montreal for a while and meeting people from different schools showed me how cool Condordians are.

First Year Experience

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Sir George Williams Campus
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Loyola Campus
Room AD-101

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