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Varennes Library - Internal Access Only

The first institutional net-zero energy building in Canada.

This page is for distribution of sample data of selected sensors in the library building. The data and related information contained in the download is used mainly for training and class purchases. 

Currently. This page is closed for general access, and, is for internal access only (i.e. people with the link to this page).

Further information:

An article on Concordia web: "How Varennes Library achieves net-zero energy, and its lessons for future city building?" (link)

A journal publication about Varennes Library: Dermardiros, V., Athienitis, A.K. and Bucking, S. (2019). Energy performance, comfort and lessons learned from an institutional building designed for net-zero energy. ASHRAE Transactions, Vol 125, Part 1, pp. 682-695. (Click link to download)

Varennes library data package:

Click link link to download to your local storage and unzip the downloaded zip file. Indoor temperature setpoint profiles were added to this package.

Six files are enclosed:

  • "Varennes library data (Jan Feb 2018)_sp.csv" and "Varennes library data (Jun-Aug 2018)_sp.csv": Data files for selected winter and summer months, in CSV (comma-separted values) format. Double click to open in Excel if you've installed Microsof Office package.
  • "Plot of Varennes library data (Jan Feb 2018).html" and "Plot of Varennes library data (Jun-Aug 2018).html":  Interactive plots of the winter and summer datasets. Double click a HTML file on your local disk to open it in your browser. This plot can help you to visualize the data of selected parameters and over different date-time ranges. (The plots are generated with the Plotly Python Open Source Graphing Library.
  • "Varennes library - an overview.pdf": A brief introduction of the libraray's design and energy usage.

  • "Varennes Library data - parameters and plots.pdf": Descriptions of the data columns and a concise guide on interactive plots.
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