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Platform B: Internet‐of‐Things and Digitalization

A systematic framework for efficient, cybersecure, and resilient energy management 

To fully integrate distributed generation and electrified loads in the future Internet‐of‐Energy, a digitalized IoT framework with multi‐level energy management strategies must be created. This will  provide reliable, flexible, secure, and sustainable solutions for smart systems ranging from smart buildings to smart EVs, smart grids, and smart cities.

Examples for using the platform include but not limited to:

  • Development of transfer learning approaches and federated learning approaches with secure communication technologies to train models locally before securely sharing only trained models to the cloud for an aggregated model.
  • Development of explainable unsupervised learning models to avoid the difficulty of data labelling while allowing interaction with the end‐user to refine the resulting models.
  • Development of secure computing.
  •  IoT solutions for smart buildings and vehicle‐to‐grid concepts.

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