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Themes & platforms

Volt-Age is built on three themes with three connective platforms.


Creating a smart, sustainable and healthy built environment

Skyscrapers, houses, walkways, roads and parks — they're all a part of the built environment. Volt-Age researchers are working toward decarbonization through sustainable architecture and by designing structures that generate more (renewable) energy than they use.

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Building resilient community energy and transportation systems

Charging logistics, energy storage and grid cybersecurity are just a handful of the areas where Volt-Age researchers are making their mark.

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Planning and governance for social equity and citizen engagement

We will ensure that the electrification and decarbonization of society is based on active citizen engagement and participation, with continuous two-way knowledge mobilization.

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Platform A: Electrification

Connecting and integrating technologies that are at the core of our three research themes. 

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Platform B: Internet‐of‐Things and Digitalization

Creating a systematic framework for efficient, cybersecure, and resilient energy management.

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Platform C: Living Labs and Knowledge Mobilization

Engaging communities through hands-on, participatory reserach and knowledge exchange.

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