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Vol. 39:2/40:1

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Elaine Cheasley Paterson and Susan Surette 


  • To Dr. Sandra Elaine Alfoldy | À Sandra Elaine Alfoldy (Ph. D.)
    Denis Longchamps 


Martha Langford

Guest Editorial-Éditorial Invité 

  • Introduction to Special Issue on Craft: The Canadian Craft Biennial 
    Elaine Cheasley Paterson and Susan Surette 


  • Tracing Craft – Labour, Creativity, and Sustainability in the Home Arts Movement
    Elaine Cheasley Paterson
  • Marketing Indigenous Craft: A Kanien’kehá:ka Silk Patchwork Quilt 
    Lisa Binkley
  • La Toundra Life: Marketing Identities in Craft
    Susan Surette 
  • Celebration or Craftsploitation? Cultural Diplomacy, Marketing, and Coast Salish Knitting
    Elizabeth Kalbfleisch 
  • Manoeuvering for Markets: One of a Kind Craft Show and the Professionalization of Canadian Craft
    Akycha Surette 
  • Managing Marginalized Material in the Craft Marketplace
    Mia Hunt 
  • “Making Craft Visible”? The Complicated Relationship Between Photography, Instagram, and Domestic Fibre-Craft
    Shannon Black 
  • Crafting Kindness
    Sandra Alfoldy 

Reviews-Comptes Rendus 

  • Alla Myzalev, ed., Exhibiting Craft and Design: Transgressing the White Cube Paradigm, 1930–Present
    Rachel Gotleib 
  • Susan Luckman and Nicola Thomas, eds., Craft Economies
    Mia Hunt 
  • Ezra Shales, The Shape of Craft
    Denis Longchamps 
  • Julia Bryan-Wilson, Fray: Art and Textile Politics
    Barbara Wisnoski 
  • Stephen Knott, Amateur Craft: History and Theory
    Molly-Claire Gillett 

Exhibition Reviews-Comptes Rendus D’expositions 

  • Craft in Context: The Inaugural Canadian Craft Biennial
    Maggie Mills
  • Can Craft? Craft Can! Canadian Craft Biennial, Art Gallery of Burlington, 19 August – 29 October 2017
    Kathy Kranias 
  • Crafting the Future: A National Student Exhibition, Ontario College of Art and Design University, 16–23 September 2017
    Maggie Mills
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