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Title: MASc/PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering (Bioinformatics)

Position Type: 1-2 fully funded MASc/PhD graduate students

Location: Centre for Applied Synthetic Biology, physically located at the Genomics or EV buildings of Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec 



The objective of the research project is to iteratively build and test a bioinformatics application with machine learning capabilities. The purpose of one application is optimal design of DNA aptamers for potential cancer-treatment. A DNA aptamer is a single strand of DNA that binds defined targets. The purpose of another application is the optimal design of tras-acting ribozymes that selectively target the longer (mutant) and not the shorter (wild type) transcripts of disease-causing genes.



The candidates are expected to have excellent software development skills and professional work habits. They must have an interest in acquiring new knowledge of Molecular Biology and utilizing it for the iterative development and accurate implementation of efficient and scalable algorithms. Throughout the project, experimental data will be used to evaluate and improve the quality of the algorithms and hence, aptamer designs generated by those algorithms; this will involve machine learning.



Bachelor/Master of Computer Engineering, Computer Science or Software Engineering, with at least (3.5 / 4) or equivalent GPA and excellent references (who will be contacted for additional information). Experience in professional software development (even for relatively short periods) is a clear bonus. Open-mindedness, responsiveness, inquisitiveness, and the ability to work with a team of non-computing specialists are highly valued attributes.



The accepted candidates will likely be co-supervised, and will have to regularly interface with a small team of computer engineering and biology specialists.



A 2/4-year above-average scholarship will be awarded to the MASc/PhD student, who will have to apply to the MASc/PhD programme of the Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) Dept. of Concordia University.



Dr. Nawwaf Kharma (, ECE and Biology Dept's,  Concordia University. Attach your latest transcript and CV (highlighting any industrial experience) to your e-mail, and provide a return phone number.

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