2020 Team: Astroyeast

Advancing space exploration through synthetic biology


Our team is creating a yeast-based platform for R&D that functions under microgravity conditions, and can be used to biomanufacture food, fuels, materials and medications in outer space.

2019 Team: Quantifen

Competition Location: Boston, MA

This team created Quantifen, a non-invasive, wearable biosensor to detect fentanyl in sweat and send out a mobile alert via their user app.

2015 Team: Scaffococcus

Competition Location: San Francisco, CA

This team genetically engineered a strain of the species Lactococcus lactis to obtain an organism capable of expressing a customizable extracellular platform that could harbour a very wide range of enzymes that, in turn, would be able to carry out a seemingly endless variety of metabolic processes.

2014 Team: Clean Green Lipid Machines

Competition Location: Boston, MA

For their project, this team aimed to make microalgae an easier to engineer chassis by creating a specialized toolkit of standardized biological parts.

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