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The future is now. How can you design it to make it better?

Distinguish your education and talent with innovation skills by seizing an opportunity to solve an important problem.


Why develop innovation skills?

We need specific skills to help keep the pace in a world faced with disruption. While advanced technologies will continue to replace humans in certain types of tasks, robots lack innovation skills. In order to build a better future, the need to be innovative will continue to increase.

Equipped with a problem to solve with your teammates and with the help of your Innovation Mentors, you will develop and use key innovation skills - critical thinking, strategic thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication - to devise solutions that have a positive impact.

We will guide you through innovation activities and offer tools and techniques to help you develop these skills. 

Innovation skills definitions

Critical thinking

Ability to analyze, evaluate and question an issue in order to form a judgment and solve problems

Strategic thinking

Ability to think about, assess and create a sustainable future


Ability to generate original improvement ideas to problems or situations


Ability to nurture positive relationships, work in teams, and use your networks


Ability to convey ideas, influence others, and create positive action


Ability to thoughtfully influence, motivate and guide others towards achieving their goals


Ability to create a model to test, refine, validate, learn from, and/or communicate a concept


Ability to expand your circle, and develop and nurture sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships

Become an Innovation Leader

Use your innovation skills to become an Innovation Leader, which will give you the opportunity to facilitate the innovation process for other students, lead brainstorming sessions, coach, train, and develop innovators, and help foster a culture of innovation.

The Innovation Lab will give you access to:

  • Skills-based workshops
  • Mentorships/coaching and other opportunities to help amplify your growth potential
  • Resources to get your work done
  • Industry/community leaders and changemakers

Upon successful completion of the work, you will be awarded a certificate and you can earn badges. You can also potentially use this experience either as part of a course, and/or highlight it on your co-curricular record.

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