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Skills development

Your ideas can change the world

The future is now. How can you design it to make it better?

Distinguish your education and talent with innovation skills by seizing an opportunity to solve an important problem.


Why develop innovation skills?

To thrive in a rapidly changing world, innovation skills are crucial. While technology advances, humans remain essential for innovation. With guidance from mentors, you'll tackle challenges, develop solutions, and hone key innovation skills for a brighter future. 

Defining innovation skills

Critical thinking: The ability to analyze, evaluate and question an issue in order to form a judgment and solve problems.

Strategic thinking: The ability to think about, assess and create a sustainable future.

Creativity: The ability to generate original improvement ideas to problems or situations.

Collaboration: The ability to nurture positive relationships, work in teams, and use your networks.

Communication: The ability to convey ideas, influence others, and create positive action.

Leadership: The ability to thoughtfully influence, motivate and guide others towards achieving their goals.

Prototyping: the ability to create a model to test, refine, validate, learn from, and/or communicate a concept.

Networking: the ability to expand your circle, and develop and nurture sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships.

Register for a course on innovation!

Fall 2024:  INTE 398: Innovation Methods and Strategies

Winter 2025: INTE 298: Innovation Models and Concepts


Dive into the dynamic world of innovation with an undergraduate course on innovation! These courses offer you the chance to unleash your innovation potential and become a catalyst for change in any environment.

Join the Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab will give you access to:

  • Skills-based workshops
  • Mentorships/coaching and other opportunities to help amplify your growth potential
  • A toolkit to support your innovation process
  • Industry/community leaders and changemakers

By joining the Innovation Lab, you can develop your confidence in innovation and become an Innovation leader! You can have the opportunity to facilitate the innovation process for other students, lead brainstorming sessions, coach, train, and develop innovators and help foster a culture of innovation.

A call for applications to join the Innovation Lab for each academic year is circulated every fall and winter. If you join and successfully complete the work, you will be awarded a certificate of completion. You can also use this experience as part of a course or highlight it on your CV.

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