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Do you want to learn how to transform a novel idea into something that makes a meaningful difference to society?

The Innovation Lab offers you an opportunity to acquire innovation skills and work with university, industry and community partners in a cross-disciplinary, collaborative setting. Guided by university and organizational Innovation Mentors, you will have the opportunity to play with ideas brought in by industry, community, faculty and/or students.

Ideas that change the world

Innovation, creativity, invention, participatory knowledge building, meaningful partnerships, democratic institutions — these are some of the elements that generate the best ideas that are then developed into products and services that successfully and thoughtfully meet the needs of society, today and tomorrow.

At Concordia University, the innovation ecosystem is rich. Whether you want to engage in various forms social, digital, urban, artistic and cultural, pedagogical, technology, health transformation or tackle sustainability issues, entrepreneurship, the future of work, or play and experiment, you will find inspiring people to guide you and with whom to interact.  

Whether you want to develop new skills, dive into fundamental research, explore novel ways of doing applied research and development, develop meaningful partnerships, pursue entrepreneurship, the spectrum of innovative activities, practices and culture is wide and diverse.

The Innovation Lab will serve as a springboard that will take your ideas as far as you want them to go.

Innovation Lab logo Innovation Continuum

Universities play a part in all stages of the innovation continuum, but they play a distinctly differentiating role in the first stage — People and Skills — by cultivating the talent pipeline.

infographic of the six stages of the innovation continuum The innovation continuum (Source:

  1. People and Skills
  2. Fundamental Research
  3. Applied R&D and Partnership
  4. Commercialization and Start-ups
  5. Scale-up and Going Global
  6. Ease of Doing Business

Innovation Lab logo Innovation Map

At Concordia University, the innovation ecosystem is rich, ranging from: fundamental research to entrepreneurship, to start-up and business incubation, to a start-up studio, and to various initiatives that cross the spectrum of innovation. The spectrum of innovative activities, practices and culture is wide and diverse.

These initiatives are at cross-sections of the innovation map:


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