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About the Innovation Lab

Innovative ideas can change the world.

Concordia's diverse ecosystem of innovation applies creativity, collaboration and meaningful partnerships across domains like technology, sustainability and entrepreneurship.

Whether you're interested in social transformation, research or entrepreneurship, you'll find support and inspiration from a wide range of individuals.

Let the Innovation Lab be a springboard to take your ideas to the next level. 

Director of the Innovation Lab, Ann-Louise Davison, PhD

Meet the Director of the Innovation Lab

Professor Ann-Louise Davidson Ph.D. is the director of Concordia University's Innovation Lab and is the Strategic Innovation Advisor for the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Dr. Davidson is recognized internationally for her groundbreaking work in integrating innovation across various fields, including artificial intelligence, global issues, health, sustainability and motivation among young people.

Innovation Lab logo Innovation Continuum

Universities play a part in all stages of the innovation continuum, but they play a distinct role in the first stage, people and skills, by cultivating the talent pipeline.

The innovation continuum

infographic of the six stages of the innovation continuum The innovation continuum (Source:

The innovation continuum

  1. People and skills
  2. Fundamental research
  3. Applied R&D and partnership
  4. Commercialization and start-ups
  5. Scale-up and going global
  6. Ease of doing business
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