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Next-gen. Now.

We need an interdisciplinary framework to build next-generation cities

My team is combining innovative technologies, nature-based solutions and artistic expressions to solve complex urban issues.

I am collaborating with energy planners, designers, philosophers, biologists and building engineers to develop integrated strategies for efficient, creative and accessible zero-carbon cities.

We are building a vision of where we want to go and then using technology to make it possible. We are developing a concept of how we want to live and communicate in the future, and then seeing which role technology plays in the transition.

I’m a physicist and directed the Research Centre for Sustainable Energy Technology at Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences. I have led innovative and international large research projects on district scale energy efficiency in buildings and sustainable energy supply systems.

My name is Ursula Eicker and I am a founding co-director of the Next-Gen Cities Institute in addition to the Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Communities and Cities at Concordia.

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