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Concordia is reimagining and reinventing ways in which we develop and dwell in smart, sustainable and resilient communities and cities.

In redefining metropolitan infrastructure, scholarship and civic engagement as we know it, researchers are paving the way for new and improved solutions in human mobility, energy efficiency, integrated design, natural resource conservation and more.

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From the operation of clean energy systems across buildings to the preservation of natural ecosystems, and from art-based urban interventions to transportation and mobility, Concordia researchers are responding to the sustainable development imperative in several key ways.

Next-Generation Cities Institute

The Next-Generation Cities Institute leverages the combined strength of our cities research capacity to enhance collaboration, communication, education and interaction within our community

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Canada Excellence Research Chair

The CERC in Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Communities and Cities is a world leader in the development of urban transformation strategies, the implementation of renewable energy and resource efficiency measures in cities, and the performance optimization of municipal districts

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Discover Concordia's projects and initiatives around metropolitan centres and urban futures.

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Teaching and learning

Concordia offers a connected and transformative education and training experience in cities-related disciplines.

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Faculty members

Meet the faculty members involved in developing cities research at Concordia.

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Conceiving the net zero city

See how Concordia's researchers and institutional initiatives are making a difference.

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