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Concordia’s Département d’études françaises named an official écri+ certification centre

The university is set to develop the student community’s language skills and strengthen its cultural outreach via the international program
May 3, 2024
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From left: Département d’études francaises faculty members Denis Liakin, Julien Perrier Chartrand and Fabien Olivry.

Concordia has taken a major step forward in the promotion of French language proficiency.

The university’s Département d’études françaises has been designated an official écri+ certification centre, marking a key moment in its commitment to linguistic high achievement.

Concordia is currently the only institution in North America to offer an official assessment centre for the écri+ project, an online service designed to develop students’ written French skills and certify their level of proficiency. Thanks to écri+, students can assess their level of academic French, perfect their written French and showcase their skills.

The university will begin offering certification assessment sessions in fall 2024.

What’s more, students can already register for training free of charge to start honing their skills online.

Committed to promoting the French language

Département d’études françaises faculty members Fabien Olivry, Denis Liakin and Julien Perrier Chartrand are leading the project. They underline the importance of this recognition for the department.

“This project is interesting for us, because it allows us to exchange and create dynamics with European colleagues who share many of our issues,” explains Olivry. “It allows us to put the Département d’études françaises and Concordia on the map in terms of francophonie.”

écri+ is funded by the Agence nationale de la recherche française (ANR) and is already supported by a consortium of 25 universities, including Concordia. The university has been an active participant in écri+ since the project’s inception in 2016, with sustained involvement on the part of researchers and teachers.

Concordia representatives travel to France annually to participate in plenary meetings, strengthening ties and exchanges with their European counterparts.

“The écri+ certification offers multiple advantages for both students and the university itself. It will not only enable individual students to enhance their French skills but also strengthen Concordia’s international reputation as an institution dedicated to promoting the French language,” says Pascale Sicotte, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science.

“In offering this certification, Concordia is committed to academic excellence and cultural outreach, contributing to the development of language skills and the fulfillment of its student community.”

Information on the écri+ certification will soon be added to the Département d’études françaises website. Students can easily learn how to register for écri+ by following a quick video tutorial or by visiting the écri+ website.

Students wishing to obtain their certification in fall 2024 are invited to begin the series of practical exercises available once they register and log in to their account.

Concordia’s Département d’études françaises.


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