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Water and power shut down affecting LB building: LB, including the Webster library and the Birks Student Services Centre, is closed until further notice.


Annual career fair

This signature event is an excellent opportunity for employer partners to identify potential candidates from undergraduate and graduate levels. The Career Fair is our flagship event and is attended by over 600 students annually from various programs and levels. 

Company tours

Open your doors for a group company tour. This encourages our students/alumni to experience a typical work day while allowing you to network with attendees in an informal setting. 

Industry panel presentations

Appoint a member of your organization to join other business professionals for an industry-related panel discussion conducted in front of a group of John Molson students/alumni. The goal is to discuss career-related topics in your industry.

Information or recruitment sessions

Organizations conduct on-campus presentations to discuss their specific industry and hiring needs. Our Career Management Services team will work with you to determine an optimal information session schedule. 

Guest speakers

Invite a member of your organization to be a guest speaker at a special event which targets specific student groups (e.g. finance/accounting etc.). Increase your organizations’ on-campus presence while providing students/alumni with valuable knowledge on career and/or industry-related topics. 

Partnering with the John Molson community

The John Molson School of Business has a wealth of active student groups who are always looking to implicate organizations into their networking activities. In addition, the John Molson School of Business is internationally renowned for our case competitions at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Contact us to inquire about being a sponsor and/or a judge!


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