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An effective way for your organization to post full-time, part-time positions, summer jobs and internship opportunities for both students and alumni. Learn more about posting jobs.

  • Make sure your job posting is complete. Clearly indicate the title, type and status of the position. Specify the academic, personal and professional qualifications you are looking for. Describe your organization: who you are, what you do, your location, size and function. Describe the job: specific role, level of responsibility, duties, work environment, travel expectations, salary range and benefits. Writing a clear, specific posting will help ensure that the most suitable candidates apply.

  • Develop a dynamic WIIFM (What's in it of me?) marketing statement to pique candidates’ interest. Your objective is to "sell" your organization and the job opportunity to a select group of students.  Focus on what your organization has to offer outside of traditional compensation and benefits. What is your work environment and culture like? What characteristics of your organization are likely to appeal to Gen Y job seekers?

  • Be clear about your organization's mission statement and future direction. Students like to be part of organizations that are continuously moving forward and are involved in community initiatives (i.e. sustainability).

  • Creatively market your vacancies as you would market your product to potential customers. Write your job description in a way that will attract qualified candidates. Use action words that will encourage students to read beyond your introduction.

  • Clearly state your language requirements and other desired skills (i.e. technical) that could be an asset to the posted position.

  • Be clear as to whether you are looking for a student, a recent graduate, or an alumnus/alumna, with a specific number of years of related work experience. Make sure the job requirements correspond to the stage that targeted candidates are at in their professional and academic careers. Also, indicate clearly whether you are looking for Bachelor level, Graduate level or both and clearly indicate which fields of study you are interested in. A detailed list of all of our programs can be found on the John Molson homepage.

  • Proofread. Your job description is also your only chance to make a good first impression on John Molson job seekers. Spelling errors, typos, and grammatically incorrect language will be noticed and may cause your posting to be passed over in favour of postings that present a more polished image. Also, please verify e-mail addresses, web addresses, hyperlinks and telephone and fax numbers to ensure that they work.

  • Provide clear application instructions. Let candidates know who to apply to. Indicate if you would like your name and contact information to remain confidential. If you do not want students to contact you directly, please put the name and title of the person they should send their application to. Also, be clear as to how you wish to receive applications: as a Word attachment, in the body of an e-mail message, using a web application, by regular mail, fax, and / or CMS collection.

  • Set an application deadline. Your job posting will remain active for one month only unless otherwise indicated.

  • Indicate who candidates should send their application to. If would prefer not to have your name mentioned provide your title.

Please read before posting:

  • Employers are responsible for compliance with applicable federal and provincial employment laws, including employment equity and discrimination laws.
  • For non-business related positions (e.g. engineering), please visit Concordia’s general Career and Placement centre. To see business programs offered at the John Molson School of Business, please click here.
  • All postings must offer monetary compensation. Internships that involve barters (trading services/products/goods without exchanging compensation) will not be posted by CMS. Exceptions will be made for not-for-profit organizations or for supervised projects with an academic learning/credit component.
  • The maximum duration for all postings (jobs and internships) is limited to 30 days. Postings can be renewed and application deadlines can be changed accordingly. Exceptions can be made for opportunities announced at employer events held over 30 days prior to the application deadline.

CACEE ethical guidelines for employers

The Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE) established guidelines for ethical recruitment at post-secondary educational institutions. These guidelines are intended to provide a framework for the professional relationships between employers, students, third party recruiters and career educators.

The guidelines are based on industry research and have been generally agreed upon by employers and educators, and are advocated by CACEE for national implementation.

Please read the complete CACEE Ethical Guidelines.

The Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE) is a national non-profit partnership of employer recruiters and career services professionals. Our mission is to provide authoritative information, advice, professional development opportunities and other services to employers, career services professionals, and students.

Fees and services

  • Complimentary service: Job postings and internship postings targeting current students, new graduates and recent graduates having completed their studies within the last five years will remain free of charge if posted by the employer.

  • Job posting fee: Should a CMS staff member be required to post on behalf of the employer, a $50 service fee will be charged per posting.
    • Experienced hires: Job postings targeting experienced hires/alumni having graduated more than five years (i.e., applicants with over five years work experience) will be charged $100 per posting.

  • Third party recruiters: Job postings and internship postings posted by recruitment agencies, talent search companies, and headhunters will be required to pay an annual fee of $1200 to have unlimited access to the CMS job board and graduate student databases.

On-campus interviews

We provide your organization with on-campus interview rooms to facilitate your recruiting efforts.

CMS can contact selected applicants and schedule interviews on your behalf. Once you have screened your applicants, simply e-mail your shortlist to Please contact CMS for more information on various options and pricing.

Collection of résumés

Students will apply to your job postings directly; however; if you prefer, CMS can collect and forward résumés to you after the application deadline.


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