Sculpture (BFA)

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

Why study Sculpture?

Sculpture today is materially diverse and conceptually rich in its formation. From autonomous objects through to performance-based installations, students engage with the idea of sculpture. With an open mind, you will be able to develop in both traditional and digital technologies as your ideas are nurtured, encouraging you to take new approaches in a critical environment.

Experiencing many kinds of materials and media will help you better inform your practice. In critique sessions, you will be able to discuss options and obstacles, plan and make real material objects with our technicians in wood, metal, welding, foundry casting, mould making, or even robotics and electronics workshops.

Not limited to a single orientation, our program’s exploratory approach to sculpture provides for a stimulating learning environment. You'll learn to express yourself through assignments and self-directed projects, addressing topics of practical and theoretical interest, while working alongside fellow students in open studios.

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