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Computation Arts program philosophy

CART is a unique digital media program that features extensive interaction between students and professors. We take a studio approach to instruction, with class sizes of twenty-two students or less, and all of our faculty teach extensively at the undergraduate level. The faculty is heavily involved with local, national and international digital media practice, and direct research studios such as Obx LabsXS LabTopological Media Lab and LabXmodal. We involve our undergraduate students heavily in our lab work, providing them with plentiful opportunities for engaging in high-level research and creation.

We are interested in developing students whose work is aesthetically engaging, conceptually provocative and technically innovative. Teaching and practice focuses on an awareness of the cultural and political implications of a society that is increasingly wired and networked. The CART program emphasizes technically strong creative production in four areas of concentration of interactive media:

  1.  screen media
  2. network media
  3. time-based media such as audio and video
  4. physical media & environments

We educate students to have the flexibility to move between and integrate into different disciplines with ease, giving them first hand exposure to interdisciplinary ways of thinking that extend gallery-based fine arts practice and consultancy-based design practice. This gives our graduates a strategic strength that translates into long careers that thrive in an ever-changing technological landscape.

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* The Major in Computation Arts must be taken in combination with the Option in Computer Applications offered by the Department of Computer Science.

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