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Casual Lab Use

Classes that need a computer lab a few times can book one by first seeing availability on our schedules page. Then you can reserve a spot by filling out the form on our Lab Reservations page.

If you only use the lab once with your class, we can provide a temporary account that you can share with your students who may not have one already. If the same class returns a second time, all students will be required to have a CDA account or they will not be able to login to the computers.

You can email anyone from CDA the day before classes and they will give you the daily password. Otherwise once you get here, you can ask and someone from CDA will give it to you. All participants can use that same username and password.

If you have projection or sound issues, please go to EV5770 (equipment depot) and they will help you.

If you have trouble with the computer software or logins, please see someone from CDA in EV5729, 5731, 5733, 5737 or 5739.

Lab description

EV5615: Smartroom has one presentation computer. Room fits about 30 people max.

EV5635: Computer lab with 24 stations (includes teacher).

EV5709: Computer lab with 24 stations (includes teacher).

EV5718: Computer lab with 13 stations (includes teacher).

EV5815: Computer lab with 24 stations (includes teacher).


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