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To access all CDA managed computers, including the video and sound edit suites, servers, etc. you must have a CDA membership ($45 per semester) and be enrolled in a Fine Arts course. All undergraduate students including RAs, TAs, etc. need to have a membership unless you provide CDA with your contract of employment from HR. MFA students do not pay a CDA membership fee and their accounts are created automatically.
Supporting the facilities helps keep the software and hardware up to date for your use.

Steps to obtain your membership
  1. Pay your fees online at
  2. If your transaction is successful* (see below) your account will automatically be created or renewed. This may take a few hours.
  3. Go to the "My Account" page to set your password if it's a brand new account.

**If you have trouble or get an error when paying, contact: and they will help you.

**If your transaction fails, you can go and pay in person at the Art Supply Store J.W. McConnell (LB) Building Room LB-119

**CDA staff at the equipment depot counter (EV5770) can also advise you on what to do if you have problems.

*Tips on getting a successful transaction

If you use a credit card, chances are very good that everything will go smoothly.

If you use a debit card (Interac), depending on your bank, it might not work. We know Desjardins and some other bank debit cards do not work.

You should get two emails on a successful transaction. The first one will just say "Your order #MAG-XXXXXXX" but your card is not charged. After that another system takes over and tries to charge your card for your purchase. If successful you will receive another email that says "Your Invoice for order #MAG-XXXXXXX". If you receive the invoice email, then your transaction went through. If your transaction didn't go through, you will not receive anything and you might want to try another payment method. The invoice email can take up to 24 hours to be received.


Just some of the benefits
  1. Computer labs with fast computers and current software
  2. Private video and sound editing suites (bookable online)
  3. Free workshops (See workshop page)
  4. Techincal advising from professional staff
  5. Presentation testing and delivery in any of our computer labs and class rooms (availability permitting) including our multichannel audio equipped classroom EV 5.615
  6. 10GB of combined server storage space and web hosting on CDA servers (servers are not backed up)

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