Self-help quit smoking programs

The vast majority of people who have quit smoking have done so on their own. Check these self-help resources to see which one suits your needs and personality.

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Online and phone/text resources

Your Guide to Quitting Smoking for Good
This workbook from Concordia University Health Services offers a comprehensive plan to quit smoking. The program promotes a cut down approach (typically 3 weeks) but can also be used if you want to quit "cold turkey" (i.e. "in one shot"). The program is divided into 3 sections: Understand Nicotine Addiction, Build the Right Attitude, and Build Coping Strategies.

Provincial and Territorial Quit Smoking Services
Find smoking cessation services in your province or territory.

I Quit Now
This site offers an interactive program “that will help you free yourself from tobacco”. There are links to resources such as a telephone help-line (1-866-527-7383 toll-free) and quit smoking centers throughout Quebec, where you can get one-on-one or group help from a smoking cessation specialist. They also offer a smoking cessation text message service that sends you personalized, supportive texts and helpful tips and tricks. It is sponsored by the Canadian Cancer Society and the Quebec Health Department. Bilingual.

Break It Off
This prograqm is sponsored by Health Canada and the Canadian Cancer Society. There is an app and a section on how to help others quit. Available in French.

On the Road to Quitting
This "guide to becoming a non-smoker" is a program from Health Canada.

Canadian Cancer Society
The Canadian Cancer Society offers several publications related to quitting smoking that you can view on-line or order a free copy.  Titles include “One Step at a Time: For Smokers Who Want to Quit”, “One Step at a Time: For Smokers Who Don’t Want to Quit” and “One Step at a Time: Help a Smoker Quit”. Available in French or English. They also have a telephone Smokers' Helpline.

Self-help books

Alan Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking
This is the world's best-selling book on quitting smoking. The Easy Way website offers 10 Best Tips to Help You Stop Smoking.

Love Not Smoking: Do something different by Karen Pine and Ben Fletcher
This book, written by two psychology professors, takes a behaviour modification approach. 

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