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Why did you choose Concordia? Here are 11 great reasons

From a welcoming environment to research opportunities — students and alumni weigh in
July 28, 2020
By Sarah Buck

Welcome Crew mentor Salma Adem chose Concordia to experience life in Montreal and meet people from all over the world. Welcome Crew mentor Salma Adem chose Concordia to meet people from all over the world.

The decision of where to spend your university years is a big one. We asked 11 students and alumni why they chose Concordia.

1. The feeling you get

“Concordia was the only school that I applied to that actually made me feel welcome,” says English and creative writing student Abigail Candelora from Georgetown, Ontario.

“My visit to campus was an hour, tops. In that time, more people took an interest in my learning than every other school I applied to combined.” Candelora is now part of fostering that Concordia vibe as a Welcome Crew mentor.

2. Strong programs

“JMSB is considered one of the best business schools in the world.” Enough said for finance major Alexandre Karlov, referring to the John Molson School of Business.

Concordia has hundreds of other flexible academic programs as well.

3. To experience life in North America’s best student city

An ongoing global pandemic has complicated plans to move to Montreal for university, but the draw of life in a place known for its cultural scene, low cost of living and inclusivity is a big factor for students dreaming about the future.

“It’s like getting to see every inch of the world but in one place!” says Welcome Crew mentor Salma Adem, who moved to Montreal from Tripoli, Libya, to pursue a double major in child studies and human relations.

“I was drawn to Montreal because it’s such a vibrant place. I’m excited for a time when new and future students can experience the city to its fullest, too.”

BA student Meagan Wheeler was drawn to her program by a desire to give back to the community. BA student Meagan Wheeler was drawn to her program by a desire to give back to the community.

4. To give back

“I’ve always liked helping people and giving back to the community,” says Meagan Wheeler, who’s pursuing a specialization in recreation and leisure studies. “I knew that’s what I wanted to do for a living.”

She’s working on a research project aimed at helping older adults access better services in the community.

5. To study in English

Collège Gérald-Godin graduate Pierre-Claude Junior Gacette Sanon wanted to continue his education in his second language after CEGEP.

“Just getting into the culture at Concordia, through student organizations or group projects, improves your English,” says Gacette Sanon (BComm 19), who was the director of external affairs for the John Molson Accounting Society. He now works for Merck in data analysis.

6. Paid work experience

“What really sold me on Concordia was the Institute for Co-operative Education,” says alumna Bedra Attabibi (BEng 16). “It’s a must. Employers I’ve worked for tell me they love Concordia students because of our work ethic and our skills.”

They really love her, too: Attabibi landed a job with flight simulation giant CAE before she graduated. Her current job title: system software specialist.

7. To work with a specific professor

Inuk art history and studio art major Jason Sikoak, originally from Nunatsiavut in Labrador, came to Montreal to work with associate professor of art history Heather Igloliorte, whom he describes as his mentor.

“I met her in the city of St. John’s at a printmaking workshop,” he says. “I came to Concordia as a mature student full of anxiety, but the professors and teaching assistants were all very willing to help me. They encourage open lines of communication. Because of that, the learning experience has been amazing.”

8. To find a diverse community

“When you’re around people with different opinions, you grow,” says Noraldin Al-Deri (BSc 16), who moved to Montreal from Amman, Jordan. He's now working on his PhD at Concordia, with a focus on the biology of autism spectrum disorders.

9. To play for the Stingers

“The Stingers program has always been strong, which definitely helped in my decision to play for Concordia,” says rugby alum Justino Donovan (BComm 18). “What’s unique is that it supports students through student-athlete services like group study sessions and peer tutoring.”

10. To develop as an artist

“I came to animation without any knowledge of how to do it, and now I consider myself a good animator,” says Montrealer Marielle Dalpé (BFA 16).

“I loved my three years at Concordia and I felt ready to go out into the world at the end of my program.”

11. For the research opportunities

Behavioural neuroscience student and Stingers wrestler Francis Carter sees doing research as a way to boost his resumé and enrich his learning experience. “Also, working alongside a professor for an entire year really allows students to build a relationship with a possible mentor.”

Know someone planning to apply to university? Invite them to take part in Concordia’s virtual Open House on Saturday, October 24, for undergraduate students.

For future graduate students, Open House is tentatively set for November 7.


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