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Undergrads: your fall 2019 orientation preview

Here’s what to expect in your first few weeks at Concordia
June 13, 2019
By J. Latimer

Orientation encompasses the official Concordia events that help you acclimatize to student life. Orientation encompasses the official Concordia events that help you acclimatize to student life.

You’ve been excited about attending university for months, maybe years, and now it’s getting real. Your first term is in sight.

This is the perfect time to be introduced to the wide range of orientation events put on by Concordia and its student associations at the end of August and early September.

Orientation and frosh 2019

Orientation has many components, and frosh is one of them. But what is frosh?

Frosh is a student-led initiative that focuses on social festivities and big outdoor events. It’s about mingling and making friends. These activities generally take place before classes start and have a cost associated to them.

The Commerce and Administration Students’ Association, the Engineering and Computer Science Association and the Arts and Science Federation of Associations, for example, all hold frosh events. Plans are already under way for welcome BBQs, street festivals, scavenger hunts, gala cocktails and more. Registration for these frosh events is required, so stay tuned for more details over the summer.

Meanwhile, the Concordia Student Union (CSU) opts for a two-week long orientation period at the beginning of the fall term, including a series of social events and activities for new and returning students. These are designed to connect them with the community and help them learn about groups and resources available on campus. Similarly, the Fine Arts Student Alliance also hosts orientation events that aim to be inclusive, fun and creative during the first week of classes.

Orientation events organized by the university — while still fun and a chance to meet friends — focus on helping students navigate the transition into university life, and on academic success. They include helpful things like campus tours, faculty information sessions, time-management tips, mentor meets, how-to-study sessions and more.

Here are some key Concordia orientation events to look out for:

Kick off your university journey with Start Right Undergraduate Orientation

As the name suggests, Start Right Undergraduate Orientation, which takes place on Tuesday, August 27, introduces you to the university community and what to expect as you start your first year at Concordia. It offers you a little bit of everything: you'll learn top tips for starting university on the right foot and gain info about important services, key information from each faculty, learning strategies and opportunities to meet other undergraduates while discovering your new campus.

Check of the information fair, attend a crash course or two, grab some snacks, take a campus tour and meet other new students throughout the day!

Campus tours, MAP to Success and the Welcome Crew

New student tours of campus begin in August and run through the beginning of September — dates coming soon!

Undergrads can also chart their MAP to Success (My Action Plan) in a small-group, personalized orientation program led by a first-year support counsellor. The goal is to help each student understand their personal strengths and weaknesses and identify strategies in preparation for university.

The Student Success Centre is also where first-year students get connected to the Welcome Crew mentors. Welcome Crew mentors are successful upper-year Concordia students who can address your questions and concerns. You can drop by the Welcome Crew offices on both the Sir George Williams and Loyola campuses with any questions you may have, and they will be happy to help!

Not on campus yet? Send them an email at

International students

New to Canada? Don’t miss WISE YUL, a one-day orientation event hosted by the International Students Office (ISO) on Thursday, August 29. Registration is required.

This will be your chance to get help with things like health insurance and immigration papers, and gather information on permanent codes and fees. The event will feature kiosks explaining resources and services available to international students.

Students will also learn about ISO social events, such as outings to explore Montreal neighbourhoods and landmarks, apple picking and Québécois movie nights.

To learn more, watch the Orientation for new undergraduates video. Also, check Concordia’s Orientation portal regularly as the summer unfolds.

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