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The end of another challenging year

Read a message from Concordia President Graham Carr
December 13, 2021
By Graham Carr

To the Concordia student community,

It’s been another challenging year in the world of higher education, requiring us all to be adaptable even as we stay firmly committed to achieving the best results we possibly can.

As this term draws to a close, I want, on behalf of the entire Concordia community of administrators, staff and faculty, to praise all your efforts to achieve your goals. Facing the challenges everyone is encountering because of the pandemic has not been easy. But perhaps the experience is better preparing all of us to adapt and deal with whatever lies ahead.

One thing that has been outstanding since the fall term began is seeing so many students back on our campuses. What a truly positive reminder of how important campus life is to the student experience, but also of what makes universities such exciting, hopeful places to be.

Of course, I realize that some students, like other members of our community and people everywhere, remain apprehensive about the public health situation. That’s perfectly understandable, as we’re all facing a reality no one can claim to fully understand. But let’s also remember that the health and safety measures that we, like other Quebec universities, put in place this fall were effective.

At Concordia, we went through the full 13 weeks of classes with no COVID-19 transmission linked to activities on our campuses. Unfortunately, during the exam period there have been a few cases involving students in residences. Even if some of these cases can be traced to activities off campus, they are a reminder that we all need to continue to be vigilant.

Aside from these few cases, the protocols set by Quebec Public Health have otherwise been effective because the overwhelming majority of our community is fully vaccinated and respectful of the health measures in place. For that we should all be both proud and grateful.

In a big place like Concordia it can be easy to lose sight of all that’s going on, and especially to miss the great successes of your fellow students.

Students also continue to make key contributions to some of the university’s top priorities through their work in delivering the Indigenous Directions Action Plan, the Task Force on Anti-Black Racism and our Sustainability Action Plan.

There’s plenty to be proud of. Our virtual Open Houses have drawn record attendance this past year and it’s no surprise that students around the world are beating down the doors to become part of the Concordia community.

But as we close out this term, what I most wish for you is success in the exams and assignments that lie ahead and the opportunity to relax and recharge over the holidays.

My best wishes to you and those close to you. Hope to see you in the new year and may it be the best one yet!

Graham Carr
President and Vice-Chancellor

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